Open House Obscenity

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Open House Obscenity

Four foxy young ladies perv out in brand-new houses — ergo, the whole (hole!) "Open House Obscenity." And our quartet of tasty tails (April Olsen, Avery Black, Alexis Tae and Kimmy Kimm) equally excel in the vadge-to-mouth department via this horny porn-manteau, from the fine pervs at Adult Time.

While looking for a new house, newlywed couple April and Avery nastily get it on in the place's master bedroom, while the female real estate agent and another potential buyer (Liv Revamped in a, believe it or not, non-sex role) are off exploring other areas of the joint. Both ladies obviously adore lappin' up labia, but April definitely seems like the more voracious one; she's totally in control of the situation. And it's grand seeing Olsen slop up the succulent snatch attached to the all-around juicy Avery. And when Avery eats out Olsen's bent-over anus, wow! What a true movie highlight! We also get to appreciate Avery's awesome ass as she sits on April's face. I'm so glad, too, that there are absolutely no vibes or dildos used during the entire scorcher of a scene.

Next, Kimmy Kimm's way-uptight, anal-retentive, overly "empowered" girlfriend is thoroughly disgusted with Alexis Tae being a porn "slut" and "whore," though Kimm digs it, with Tae and Kimm eventually dismissing the judgmental girlfriend and heartily getting it on in Tae's comfy new house. There's lots of kissing between the two lovebirds before the deep pussy sucking begins. I think this scene might even be more arousing than the previous one with April and Avery! And I don't know what's more exciting: seeing Tae get off as Kimmy sops up her snatch, or vice versa. Tae — like April in Scene 1 — is absolutely in charge of the passion, and what a sight for sore eyes seeing that awesome Alexis ass bent over as Kimmy laps up Tae's twat and anus; ditto for Kimmy's succulent butt as Tae feasts on it. And we're treated to more Tae tuchus, as she sits on Kimmy's pretty face. Damn!

Lovers of girl-girl titles will absolutely not want to miss these four voracious vixens devouring each other's snatches like they've been starved for days. Once again, I'm thoroughly elated that not one vibrator or dildo rears its head in any of these women's rears. And all four fab porn specimens are equally attractive and distinctly dirty. Worth checking out!


April Olsen and Avery Black excitedly attend an open house together, their hands clasped. They're first-time homebuyers and are ready to take the next step in their relationship. As they're shown around by the realtor, their excitement only grows as they fall in love with the place. They steal a moment alone to themselves in the master bedroom, debating whether or not they should buy the place. To build up each other's confidence, and caught up in all the excitement, they start getting frisky right then and there! Kimmy Kimm, Madison Summers, and Alexis Tae have just gotten back from a shopping spree. They've decided to stop by Alexis' new home. Madison skeptically asks how Alexis was able to afford such a nice place. Alexis cheerfully informs them that she got a new job. Madison frantically grabs Kimmy and confides in her that she learned that Alexis' new job is actually being a cam-girl online. Kimmy compliments Alexis on her life choices- she's doing so well for herself! Kimmy asks if Alexis would be willing to teach her some of her 'skills' and Alexis is happy to help. Some people are just so stuck up, but not these two!

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