Beauty and Curve
Beauty and Curve

The curvature of a women is one of the sexiest things imaginable, and this Deeper release is all about paying homage to that beauty. Featuring the directing talents of Kayden Kross, “Beauty and Curve” celebrates the sultriness of the female body in all its glory.

LaSirena69, Maitland Ward, and Isiah Maxwell (“Being Shared”):

“Tell me, do you ever miss having sex with men?” This simple question from Maitland Ward to her wife LaSirena69 opens the door for a sexual experience beyond the limiting parameters of their sexually visceral relationship. There are multiple kinks at play in this scene: control, submission, voyeurism, even the fantasy of making a straight person realize what they’ve been missing from sex with the other side. A stunning set and perfect tone setting narration from Ward make this scene a must-watch. LaSirena69 melts under Isiah Maxwell’s steady thrusting and filthy encouragement from Ward, and her curvaceous ass ripples in response.

Savannah Bond and Anton Harden (“Whatever She Wants”):

Ryan Driller is a busy man. He works long, hard hours, and at the end of the day, he’s often too tired to make love to his girlfriend. He has a suggestion for her, though: If he can’t provide what she wants, maybe she should get it somewhere else. And that’s exactly what Savannah does, in the form of Ryan’s new head of security Anton Harden. Wow, Harden gets deep in Bond’s pussy in this one. I’m talking about deep drilling for oil! And it’s not just her pussy that gets worked over; Anton also buries his dick balls-deep in Savannah’s tight asshole.

Halle Hayes and Manuel Ferrara (“Resumed”):

Kayden Kross directs a tale of BDSM gone wrong. Halle Hayes has a bone to pick with Manuel Ferrara, who introduced her to a world beyond her sexual boundaries, then abandoned her in a moment that exceeded her survivable threshold. When Manuel returns to finish what he started, Halle is understandably wary. However, the pull of lust and the curiosity of a desire not yet satiated brings Halle back into her new world, with Manuel once again filling the role of her carnal rudder. The hottest moment in the scene is easily the tandem masturbation where Halle and Manuel stand face-to-face and he commands her to rub her pussy to climax while he strokes his cock furiously, demanding her audible admission of release. She also rides him in a sequence that shows off her jiggly ass in all its glory to fit the theme of the film.

Mona Azar, Alyx Star, Michael Vegas, and Milan Ponjevic (“Make It Happen”)

Michael Vegas is in a real pickle. A huge opportunity has presented itself at work, and things are looking up for him and his wife in all aspects. However, an old affair with Mona Azar is rearing its ugly head as she is pushing to get back in his pants. At a dinner intended to further secure their financial future, Michael finds himself having to come up with a way to satisfy Mona while his wife is sitting right next to him and Mona’s husband (Michael’s boss) is sipping on a cocktail expectantly. Michael’s solution? A suggested wife swap! Again, one of porn’s classic tropes is in play here, but the strength of the scene is definitely the dynamite bodies of Mona and Alyx Star. I mean, holy smokes, these two ladies are heavenly visions in every way. They’ve both got amazing asses, curvy thighs, stupendous racks, and hips that don’t quit. They both put their bodies to work either by opening themselves to vigorous pounding from Vegas and Milan Ponjevic, or by putting on clinics in reverse cowgirl. What a visual treat!

This is a visually stunning film full of intense sexual expression. The stories being told are engaging, and the cast is decadent and indulgent. “Beauty and Curve” boasts great work all around.


Beauty moves in curves in these four erotic stories from Halle falls for the trap of hot and toxic sex in Resumed. Savannah takes advantage of her husband's permission to fill her needs elsewhere in Whatever She Wants. La Sirena misses the feeling of thick throbbing cock and turns to her wife for guidance in Being Shared (guest appearance by Maitland Ward). Finally, Mona demands that her lover find a way to fuck her at a conservative Sunday brunch with their respective spouses. Pressured, he suggests wife swapping in Make It Happen. All women give something to grab on as they move loosely in their curves.

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