This series shines a spotlight on some of the hottest girls to step foot in front of the camera for Dorcel, performing scenes that mirror some of their most personal fantasies.

Bella Tina and John Stwo are a team that works for an advertising firm. They’re great at what they do, and they’re great at getting each other off once their work is done. Bella (she’s such a pretty woman) sucks John off sensually after he licks her pussy like an ice cream cone, and I absolutely loved the quick but intimate shot of them holding hands while he pumped her mouth. Such a nice touch! I also love Bella’s perky little nipples and how hard they get as John strokes her pussy with his cock. I love the way this film opens sexually. After a night of mind-blowing sex, Bella gets the idea to talk to people about how they balance their professional lives with their sex lives. They settle on three different subjects: rock star Jayla De Angelis, Olympic gold medalist Zaawaadi, and successful entrepreneur Linda LeClair.

When Bella gets to the heart of her documentary (the sex stuff), she’s stunned to learn that both Jayla and Zaawaadi have fantasized about sex with movie star Ricky Rascal. The fantasy transpires ambiguously (Is it in the mind of the documentary subjects? The mind of Bella Tina? The mind of the audience?). Both ladies put in some serious work on Ricky’s cock, stroking, slurping, and ultimately fucking him enthusiastically.

Bella’s interview with Linda reveals a longstanding secret from Linda’s past: She once had a lesbian encounter with one of her roommates. That leads to another fantasy, this time between Bella and Linda. This pairing is quite sensual, with both ladies relishing every touch and stroke of their fingers and tongues. They caress each other lovingly, and Bella shudders with pleasure when Linda licks her pussy from behind.

The documentary is taking shape, but Bella feels a little a bit underwhelmed with the info she got from Zaawaadi, like something is missing. A follow-up interview yields exactly what Bella is looking for: a re-telling of an anal encounter she had with a friend. Tommy Cabrio stuffs Zaawaadi’s ass like a piston, and she moans gleefully with every thrust. The documentary concludes with an intimate interview with Ricky Rascal, and he ends up showing Bella Tina exactly why so many women fantasize about him. He and Stwo have their way with Bella, taking turns enjoying the way she slides up and down on their cocks while she gobbles down whomever isn’t balls deep in her. Bella’s ass is kind of the star of the scene, as the camera captures multiple shots of her perky butt rippling under the impact of the stud thrusting.

This is a fun movie. It’s a cool concept, and the audience will find themselves invested as they wonder if all the sex is actually happening or if it’s all in Bella Tina’s head. And speaking of Bella Tina, she puts on quite the performance here, carrying the film with her acting and her scalding sex. A success for all involved!


When directing a series of interviews with celebrities about their sexuality, Bella and John didn't think they would have to get so involved.

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