Girls at Work: The Consultant

Girls at Work: The Consultant

Longtime Dorcel director Frank Vicomte, aka Frank Major, gives viewers a peek into the salacious lives of working girls who will do anything to get ahead in a man’s world.

Workplace sex has long been a fantasy in the zeitgeist of human sexuality, which makes perfect sense since over 22% of sexual relationships begin in the workplace. We spend a ton of time with our co-workers, and all that opportunity is bound to produce carnal fires. Here, Vicomte taps into that reality with a dynamite cast that includes one of my personal favorites, Shalina Devine, and brings back blistering hottie Geisha Kyd, who, alongside Devine, has become a staple of this fantasy series.

Things start off with the gorgeous Alexis Crystal blowing her co-worker Charlie Dean right outside the elevator before bending over the balcony railing and letting him rail her in the ass. Alexis is so pretty, and her gleeful smile shows just how much she enjoys getting stuffed up the ass. The color palette of the scene is fantastic, and Alexis’ skin is perfectly highlighted next to her cream-colored outfit. What a wonderful way to open the film!

Later on, a board meeting between boss David Perry, Crystal, Dean, Kyd, and Kristof Cale ends in disaster as Perry shows the sales decline in the department headed by Kyd and Cale. Worried about his company’s future, Perry seeks the help of Shalina, a brilliant consultant with a proven track record. Shalina is happy to help, but not at the expense of her personal time, which includes Lili Charmelle going down on her like a champion while the sexy cougar lounges in her chair and enjoys her secretary’s work. Things escalate into a nice fuck session that sees Lili don a strap-on so she can pump Shalina’s pussy nicely. Shalina returns the favor in expert fashion, showcasing why she’s so successful and keeping people happy.

Shalina gets to work right away, holding: (1) a private meeting with Kyd and Cale that turns into a raucous threesome that includes some fantastic anal for Shalina, (2) a second private meeting to get Alexis Crystal on the same page that becomes another fabulous threesome, and lastly, (3) a receipt of payment for services rendered in the form of David fucking Shalina’s brains out on his desk. Again, Devine gives up her divine asshole, and Perry takes full advantage, sliding into her tight butt like a jackhammer and bringing the sexy siren to an eye-rolling orgasm.

This is a series that certainly feeds the sex-at-work fantasy, and Dorcel should keep this formula rolling because it’s been nothing but hits thus far. Shalina is a star, and Kyd is a stick of sexual dynamite waiting to explode in any movies she’s a part of. Add to that the scorching Alexis, and this is a movie that you simply cannot miss.


As a consultant specialized in the safeguarding of companies in difficulty, Shalina always invests herself to the maximum.

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