Slutty Wife Happy Life 13

Slutty Wife Happy Life 13

I love the fact that you get six — not four, not five, but six — scorching tales of horny MILFs/wives in this fun, kickass Brazzers series, with not a bad slut in the house.

Keiran Lee is fucking a married woman in the form of luscious Destiny Dixon, but he doesn’t realize — until his boss invites Keiran over to his house — that she’s been, actually, banging his employer’s wife, with dirty Dixon insisting that he slam her right there in the living room behind her husband’s back. Destiny looks outstanding, sucking and fucking just as brilliantly. Dixon is just so into it; there isn’t a bad position. Doggie and spoon are my faves with this ridiculously meaty morsel, but she’s a true oral artiste throughout, going deep and loud. Lee eventually blasts a storm of sperm into her pretty face, and a much-appreciated slo-mo repeat of the pop shot immediately follows. Yeah!

Big-boobed/-assed Ariella Ferrera is a bored and randy housewife who winds up nastily fucking her husband’s buddy, played by Charles Dera, during Monday night football, while her hubby and his other bud have their eyes fully glued to the TV. Charles and Ariella start on the sofa and finish up in the kitchen, with a high point being standing doggie (Ariella is so damn limber!), though it’s similarly grand seeing Ariella’s expressions of crazed lust during spoon, before Dera dumps his load into her pussy. Killer!

Chessie Kay is a taut-figured babe — playing, I guess (as it’s never explained), a mainstream movie actress — who starts masturbating in her studio dressing room, when Keiran (playing a gofer, I suppose) accidentally walks in on her. Kay has him duly finish what she started. An outright movie highlight is cowgirl, featuring Kay’s slightly large but still perfect ass (thank heavens there’s a bed in her dressing room!), while it’s ab-fab when Lee has the kinky vixen — with wildly augmented boobies — in a chokehold doing doggie. Yes!

Next, an initially nervous Quinton James unexpectedly winds up fucking his wife’s insatiable sister, played by heavily tattooed Austin Lynn, with the latter excelling in her oral prowess (she gets down to Quinton’s blue balls real fast!) and cowgirl (the girl’s got rhythm, bouncing ever so effervescently on Quinton-cock). The movie’s other thoroughly inked slut, Bonnie Rotten (as a blonde here), is even better to watch get totally banged — in her case by lucky Johnny Sins, who plays a bartender showing her some “techniques” for her pool game, after she has an argument with her husband, who leaves her high but not dry, as Bonnie gets thoroughly soaked with sweat and cum à la Sins. The two degenerates’ sessions of standing doggie are terrific, while it’s amazing watching the massive amount of sperm she takes on her beaming mug, with Rotten still ravenously sucking Johnny’s joint afterwards. Wow!

And, next to Destiny and Chessie, one of my true faves in “Slutty Wife Happy Life 13” is bawdy blonde babe Blanche Summer, who gets revenge on her cheating hubby by fucking his best friend, played by the ever-returning Keiran, who she invites over to their house under false pretenses, banging the brains out of the surprised but (understandably!) elated Lee. I even love Summer’s heavy Euro accent! It’s so fucking sexy. And her slightly augmented tits and pear-shaped ass? Mama! She’s the best cocksucker in the movie, too, glands-down; she’s so eager to please, going to the base of Lee’s love-stick. Spoon and cowgirl with Summer’s amazing butt are phenomenal; ditto for doggie. I’m tellin’ ya, blisteringly bodacious Blanche is somethin’ else!

These six searing sex scenes are just long enough and sprinkled with just enough humor in ‘em to make each and every one totally pleasing.


Promotion Or Pussy - Kieran denies her advances and tries to focus on signing his new contract but is so distracted by Destiny showing him her huge tits behind her husband's back. Destiny's husband leaves the room to take a call and while he's gone, Destiny pounces on Kieran's monster cock, Kieran can't say no any longer and licks her wet pussy, then gives her the pounding of a lifetime.

Take A Seat On My Dick - Ariella wants to watch the big game with her husband and his buddies, but there's no room for her on the couch. Determined to get in on th action, Ariella is shocked at how big Charles' cock feels, and decides to tease him a bit by grinding into his lap.

Dressing Room Poon - Chessie Kay is a renowned theater startlet who's relaxing backstage after an intense performance. Chessie's devoted husband knocks on her door with a bouquet of flowers, and Chessie guides Kieran to hide. After nearly getting caught, Kieran uses his massive cock to help Chessie relax - and climax.

I Fucked My Sister's Husband - Austin wants a man's opinion, so she tries on a few outfits for him - little does she know he has rock hard boner brewing. Austin finally sees Quinton's hard dick, and deduces her sister should be sharing much more than just her lingerie.

Pack 'Em Up! - Bonnie plays better with her hair out of her face, so she uses her panties to tie up her blonde locks, and distracts Johnny by flaunting her pussy and rubbing herself up against his hard cock. It doesn't take long for Bonnie to decide she wants to play another game, one that involves sucking and fucking!

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