Physical Evaluations

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Physical Evaluations

The second installment in the sprawling action-adventure series “The Swords” focuses on a top-secret training facility where potential spies have their skills put to the test. It’s a strong cast but the sexual hunger of Brody Fox and Beau Butler earn them MVP honors.

In the world of The Swords, Falcon Studios has long served as a secret front for government operatives, with such iconic stars as Al Parker, Mike Branson, Colby Taylor and Eric Hanson having been pressed into service over the years.

As “Physical Evaluations” opens, Dr. Brody Fox closely examines striking newcomer Amone Bane, a sensual young beauty with a fit physique, freckled face and rigid cock. Fox completely steals the scene; he’s bald and athletically built with a furry chest. His wanton sexual hunger is enticing; Fox slurps down Bane’s boner and rides him hungrily with an unceasing stream of dirty talk, cums while being fucked and delights in a facial from his patient.

Agent James Fox tests the mental acuity of potential recruit Bruce Jones, which quickly leads to a vigorous suck-and-fuck session atop a metal table in the testing room. Both men are burly and furred with some body ink; Jones has longer locks and a sensual, muscular appeal. The latter is an active bottom and shares equal ground with his alpha top; their grunting plow has an aggressive edge.

Adorably cute newcomer Drake Von is tested on his ability to use his body in all sorts of ways by Dr. Will Braun, who sports glasses and has grown his hair down to his nipples. They share a frisky fuck session in a hospital bed spiced with a bit of humor. Von, with an amused grin and thick swoosh of curls over his forehead, seems to enjoy taking charge and responding to Braun’s loud groans of pleasure. He’s a talent to watch.

Irresistibly cute muscle cub Beau Butler is tired from his duties running the training complex and seeks out a therapeutic fuck from none other than legendary cocksman Rafael Alencar, whose storied career stretches back nearly 20 years. They ditch a massage and get right to the good stuff; Butler is a power-bottom who understands how to properly worship Alencar’s imposingly thick boner. Alencar eats out Butler’s twitching hole and stuffs that plush ass right down to the root. The pleased grin on Butler’s face says it all; he cums with Alencar’s cock still tightly lodged in his hole.

While “The Swords” is set in the snowy mountains and has an epic scope, “Physical Evaluations” is more straightforward in how the action unfolds. Both are well-cast – no clunkers in the bunch – with top-notch production values and welcome flashes of humor.


Welcome to The Swords Facility. Here we ensure that before any gay porn star is allowed to enter the field as a secret agent, they've been put through the wringer, tested on their mental endurance, and most importantly, fully completed all of their Physical Evaluations. From award-winning director Marc MacNamara, this second installment of The Swords saga enters the unseen complex where an experienced team of doctors, trainers and interrogators make it their mission to physically evaluate every last inch of each new recruit that walks through their doors. Nothing is ever left up to chance, and only the best will pass the exhausting examinations and Physical Evaluations from the trained professionals that make up The Swords Facility.

In one section, Dr. Brody Fox can be seen analyzing the physical endurance of Amone Bane and draining his balls to examine his sperm count. A few doors down, a closed-off examination room has Special Agent James Fox teasing Bruce Jones with his hard cock as he attempts to complete a series of brain games. Young recruit Drake Von has his bushy hog out and is close to completing his full-body examination with Dr. Will Braun, but first must prove that he's fully capable of using every part of his body. Overseeing all of these intimate practices is Facility Head Beau Butler, who is making it clear to physical therapist Rafael Alencar that he isn't interested in a massage and instead needs to be dominated bareback by the stud's oversized dick.

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