Anal Beauty, Vol. 17

Anal Beauty, Vol. 17

Two spinners and a pair of juicy Lucy’s — each of these four nymphs craving a good, deep buttfucking — make this super 17th entry of “Anal Beauty” a pure joy to view.

Somewhere in Europe, red-haired spinner Little Dragon (LD) is bored in her hotel, craving something she hasn’t tried—namely, anal sex… with our thrill-seeking vixen choosing the lucky Christian Clay to bust her asshole into the next dimension, which the Clay man quite nearly does in this terrific opening sequence from director Julia Grandi. Highlights of LD’s delightfully salacious segment are reverse-cowgirl-anal, where she gets a good rhythm goin, as her tight, svelte body is on full display; ditto for pounding missionary-anal; and, naturally, doggie-anal, as LD has such a magnificent little butt, with just enough jiggle in it to make things intensely horny; LD ultimately downing a big load of love liquid from Mister Chris.

Next up, in a scene directed by Laurent Sky, the unique-looking Kylie Le Beau, another svelte babe, gets the Anal Beauty treatment from the seemingly ubiquitous Mick Blue, playing a famous photographer who shoots his latest model, Le Beau, before banging her and eventually shooting six rounds o’ sperm in her mouth. Kylie is a loud cocksucker, frequently going deep and wet, while always giving plenty of eye contact. I dig her slight overbite, which you don’t see much of when Mick is mercilessly face-fucking her. Kylie looks like she’s experiencing some kinda nirvana as she gets her butthole ravaged via reverse-cowgirl, including some dynamite gapes. “Make me your fuckin’ slut,” she tells boy Blue. And check out how she revels in ATMs. Her asshole also distends magnificently during doggie and missionary, with Mick eventually getting more sperm up her nostrils than in her mouth, but that doesn’t stop Kylie from consuming every drop, soon thereafter begging him to fuck her face again, which he happily does. Damn, girl.

In scene three—directed by Ilya Droombeeld—we’re back somewhere in Europe, with petite, sweet-looking, luscious Nikki Hill playing another bored traveler who gets so horny at a picturesque seaside villa, that she strips beside the joint’s seemingly desolate pool and begins wildly jamming a long purple dildo up her anus; before, that is, Alberto Blanco shows up to give her the real deal. I love how Hill’s face turns red from getting majorly face-fucked by Blanco-boner. In no time flat, Al buries his beef inside her asshole during reverse-cowgirl, followed by some romantic deepthroating. Our lovers soon move inside to the comfort of a bedroom, with Blanco hammering Nikki’s pussy via standing doggie against a mirror, followed by missionary-, cowgirl-, and doggie-anal upon a good, old-fashioned bed. Doggie, by the way, really highlights Nikki’s succulent butt, as well as her elastic asshole, which opens oh so magnificently, before Al jerks off into her smiling mouth. Choice.

And in the final scene, directed by Laurent Sky, round and raunchy brunette slut Kimberlie Rose is pissed off at her boyfriend (whom we never see); Rose, in turn, rings up Oliver Flynn, whom she apparently met at a bar the other night, and gives him the “privilege of coming over (to her place) and stretching out (her) tight little asshole.” Wow! What an invitation! Ollie doesn’t turn it down. Who the hell would? Highlights include healthy morsel Kim taking it deep up her bunghole during reverse-cowgirl (watch her eyes roll into her skull; hear her gasping moans, as if she’s on the verge of vapor-locking!); Ollie jamming his hand up her pussy while ravishing her butthole via spoon with his huge pole; and her equally memorable expressions of crazed lust during missionary-anal, before Ollie cream pies her asshole, with dirty Ms. Rose scooping out two big dollops of cum and greedily chowing ‘em down. Yeah!

While meaty, sexy-as-fuck, thoroughly filthy Kimberlie is my favorite vixen of this lot, all four of these impressive anal princesses perform with positively flying colors. Recommended.

Synopsis: is here to show you the difference between "kinda pretty" and Anal Beauty. This series features lovely ladies who like to get their luscious asses in on the action. Featured cover girl Little Dragon loves going to extremes. After skydiving, this thrill-seeker has nowhere to go but down...unless someone can show her a pulse-pounding experience beyond her wildest imaginings. Kylie Le Beau, Nikki Hill, and Kymberlie Rose fill out our lineup of round-bottomed beauties. Taut tales, dazzling production values, and groundbreaking performances: let guide you to Anal Beauty.

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