Sweet Sally Mae: The Revenge of the Twin Dragons

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Sweet Sally Mae: The Revenge of the Twin Dragons

Word of the Queenpin Ms. Jane’s death hits the street and all hell breaks loose. Not only was she one of the most powerful crime lords in Los Angeles, but she was also married to a member of the notorious Blackground crime family; a syndicate whose influence reaches far and wide. The mysterious family head Gabriel has vowed revenge and placed a million-dollar bounty on Sally Mae’s head, ensuring that every low-life in the city will be gunning for her. Meanwhile, the cops are also on the case, desperate to solve Ms. Jane’s murder before an all-out gang war tears the city apart. Now Sally Mae is on the run and low on allies. But she’s still got the business of finding out who put a hit on her sister on her mind, and she will know the truth even if she has to burn the whole city down to find it.

Ricky Greenwood’s 2020 film “Sweet Sweet Sally Mae” was one of the best releases of that year, and a huge win for performers of color at the time. Now the popular director is back with a sequel that is worthy of its predecessor. Greenwood shows once again what thoughtful casting and writing can do for Black performers in the business and sets an example for others to follow. Hall of Fame talent Misty Stone returns while the incomparable Ana Foxxx reprises her iconic role. Adding Cali Caliente and Alina Ali to the mix was a great choice as well.

Cali and Stone (the cops on the case) share a juicy tryst at the office as they take a break from their detective work. Cali looks the part of badass Black chick from the ‘70s big time. From her makeup to her afro, she just feels like a Pam Grier throughout the film. Watching Misty get her pussy worked is always a plus and Cali enjoys every lick. The highlight of the scene is Cali riding Misty’s face. Good lord the eye roll as Misty brings her to a body-shattering orgasm with her tongue is amazing!

Meanwhile, Sally Mae is on the run when she meets Trevor’s twin brother Isiah (Maxwell) who offers to hide her while she figures out her next move. In a departure from its predecessor, this sequel branches out to include male/female sex scenes (the first film was a lesbian only affair). Isiah and Sally get it on in his swanky apartment (complete with an answering machine!) and it’s fantastic. Ana Foxxx is one of the prettiest women in porn and she knows how to work her body. She looks radiant as the sweat glistens on her body from Isiah’s rhythmic pumping and her pussy drips as the waves of pleasure cascade through her body.

Lucky Isiah isn’t done there though. When Sally runs off to do some investigating of her own, one of Gabriel’s assassins pays Isiah a visit. Naturally, she’s looking for Sally Mae, and Isiah, smooth cat that he is, parlays her interrogation into a sensual seduction. Alina Ali is beautiful and she’s got an ass that absolutely will not quit. I mean my goodness that woman is endowed from the rear! Couple that with her luscious, natural breasts, and this scene hits all the right notes.

The sexual shenanigans culminate with a kinky four-way between Sally Mae, detective Cali, Ms. Jane’s widower (Scotty P.) and some hired muscle (Thrill) that follows a cool action sequence (shout out to “The Baseball Furies” homage). This is just unabashed, horndog sex. The studs lay some serious pipe on our heroines and everyone looks absolutely fabulous. At one point Scotty P. knocks Cali’s back out with his vigorous thrusting as she laps hungrily at Ana’s pussy.

Sequels often get stigmatized as cash grabs that can’t match the magic of their predecessors, and while that is sometimes true, it’s not the case here. This movie succeeds in every way and surpasses the original easily. Sequels work when the returning characters get more to do and the adventures are equally or more exciting than the last time out. All of those things happen here and the end result is a resounding success. The story’s end is a satisfying over-the-top cliffhanger that will have audiences clamoring for this series to become a trilogy.


Sally Mae is on the run. She has lost almost everyone she knows: her family, her friends...she no longer has anything or anyone. A bounty is put on her following the murder of two members of the Blackground family. Pursued by corrupt police officers and L.A. gangs, she will have to develop new skills in order to face those who hide behind it all: the mysterious Twin Dragons.

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