Catfished 4

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Catfished 4

When Robby Echo and Vanessa Sky break up after Robby cheats, he’s distraught and filled with remorse. On the other hand, Vanessa moves on quickly to a guy she met online, and things between them begin to take off. Vanessa thinks she and Robby can still be friends, but Robby isn’t so sure he can handle seeing her with someone else. Can Robby put his own misery aside and support Vanessa as she moves on with her life, or will he resort to drastic measures to protect Vanessa from a dicey situation?

Mike Quasar has long been one of my favorite directors and writers. He knows how to tell a story, he knows how to pace a movie, and he knows how to capture great sex. The man is a creative whiz even though he’d love to convince you otherwise! Sweet Sinner’s “Catfished” series has typically been high-quality feature porn, and bringing Quasar in to helm the most recent entry was a smart move. He assembles a good cast that includes the sultry April Olsen (I really like her!) and puts the lead role on the capable shoulders of the delicious Vanessa. I really like the way Quasar films sex. He lets the performers get into character and do what feels right to them, and the results are always electric.

Quasar lets Vanessa and Nathan Bronson go to town on each other in the opening scene, and boy howdy, do the results deliver! Bronson pounds Sky to a vocal, quivering orgasm in cowgirl, and the intensity between them sets the sexual tone for the entire film. The toe-curling spoon is fantastic, and Vanessa damn near expires from ecstasy overload.

Robby Echo and April Olsen have some hot rebound sex that is slow, sensual and passionate, though no less intense than Vanessa and Nathan’s romp. Listening to April whimper with pleasure that she’s “gonna cum” is peak wank material, and the way she curls her fingers in Robby’s hair and rolls her head back as he pumps her is hedonistic. The doggie-style finish is a tad dirty (mostly due to April’s naughty talk and highlighter socks) and serves as a perfect finish to their encounter. Did I mention that I like April Olsen a lot? This scene is a great example as to why.

Kayla Paige plays a surprise role in the action as Vanessa’s mother, who suffers the indignation of a false accusation. It’s a huge narrative beat in the story, so I won’t spoil it. But her inclusion is a catalyst for the final act of the narrative and the sex. Bronson really gets into this scene, biting his lip and pumping his cock into Kayla’s hot box like his life depends on it. The highlight of the scene is when Bronson takes a break from pounding Kayla’s pussy to bury his face in her ass from behind. Holy hot, Batman!

The climax is a romantic-yet-intense coupling between Sky and Echo that is a perfect cherry on top of the sexual sundae presented in the film. Robby is almost guttural in the way he thrusts desperately into Vanessa’s pussy, and with every deep thrust, Sky’s excitement rises. There are plenty of shots of her rotund ass for viewers to enjoy, and the modified doggie at the end is dynamite.

These movies are so fun. They’re perfect for couples and singles alike to settle down with on a nice evening alone. The sex is stimulating, but the story is also engaging. Sweet Sinner does a great job filling this niche with excellent titles like this. Props to everyone involved.


Robby and Vanessa broke up but decided to remain friends, everything was going great until Vanessa met a new guy and Robby discovered that he was still in love with her. He conjures up a very clever catfishing scheme to break them up but will the whole thing spiral out of control and will he lose Vanessa forever?

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