Lesbian Cosplay 2

Sparks Entertainment
Lesbian Cosplay 2

The Sparks Entertainment cosplay rebrand is in full effect with scenes written and directed by studio head Harry Sparks.

Val Dodds and Alex Coal (“Daphne and Velma”):

Daphne and Velma are spending a girls’ weekend in an abandoned mansion that has a haunted history. Supposedly, a known witch inhabited the home and left the premises cursed upon her demise. When Velma finds a necklace imbued with the witch’s power, she’s overcome with an insatiable lust — and poor Daphne is the only one around to satiate her. This is a nice cosplay fantasy that features some properly creepy lighting and fantastic booty shots. The majority of the scene, in fact, is variations of the 69 position, which showcases the bountiful booties of performers Val Dodds and Alex Coal. An absolute win!

London River and Aila Donovan (“Goldenpussy”):

This parody of popular James Bond tropes is a home run. A gender-swapped Aila Donovan is Jaime Bond, and London River is Tushy Galore — which is, of course, a play on one of the most famous Bond Girls in history. Robby Echo even turns in an admiral performance as Blofeld, one of the franchise’s most iconic villains. Speaking of iconic, the sex here is on its own level. It’s steamy and kinky, with Aila riding London’s face for a good portion of the action. My goodness, that ass! Aila also just about sends London into outer space with her fingers in a scorching 69. Good story, good fantasy elements, good sex!

Kayla Kayden and Jenna Foxx (“Schoolgirls vs. Zombies”):

Jenna Foxx and Kayla Kayden are best friends who, as usual, find themselves in detention for making out at school. Unfortunately, their world is turned upside down when World War 3 hits and the radiation fallout turns the majority of the population into flesh-eating zombies. Determined not to let her friend die a virgin, Kayla decides a girl can take a girl’s virginity just as well as a guy can. There’s lots of fantasy play at work here; the naughty schoolgirl, the innocent virgin, and the last sex on Earth all hit big time. Kayla really goes to town on Jenna’s pussy, burying her face in the purple-haired beauty’s muff hungrily. It’s highly arousing. The two also trib each other voraciously on the desk before zombies break down the door and end it all for them.


Alex Coal, Val Dodds, Aila Donovan, London River, Kayla Kayden and Jenna Foxxx bring more of your Girl/Girl fantasies to life in Lesbian Cosplay, Volume 2. Directed by Harry Sparks.

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