My Young Hotwife Vol. 4

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My Young Hotwife Vol. 4

Paul Woodcrest presents a hotwifing movie that showcases the kinky world of wife-sharing.

Sera Ryder and Mark Wood: Massage porn is super hot and when it’s done right, it’s wonderfully arousing. Woodcrest does a good job of letting the massage get sexy before the pumping starts. Sera asks Wood to rail her after her massage as it’s a favorite kink of her husband. Watching him rub oil on Ryder’s rump is absolutely the right move. Talk about hot! All the standard positions are here, and Ryder looks great in all of them. She’s especially great in cowgirl (especially when she rocks her ass against Wood’s face while he tongues her asshole).

Serena Santos and Danny Mountain:

Danny is ecstatic to be spending the entire weekend with Serena after her husband okays their naughty tryst. The scene opens with Danny waiting in a tub of warm water as Serena slinks in dressed in lacy panties and stockings. It is crazy hot watching her stroke him under the soapy water, and he returns the favor with a sloshy finger banging. The reverse cowgirl is awesome, mainly due to the way Serena’s exquisite tits bounce, and that theme continues in missionary when Danny’s thrusts set Serena’s tits flopping like saddlebags on a galloping stallion. It’s wonderful.

Kate Bloom and Brad Newman:

This scene opens with big time “Lolita” movie vibes. Kate comes off as the forbidden fruit and Brad is the dirty old man who can’t resist the appeal of a young fuck-minx begging to be hammered into sexual bliss and oblivion. And boy howdy does he oblige her! Her face begs him to fuck her into slutdom, and she revels in the whore inside her; the whore her husband loves. The doggie style is really fantastic and should not be missed. Audiences are definitely going to finish during that sequence because Kate and Brad put on a naughty clinic for a solid eight minutes before Brad covers her lips and chin with hot cum.

Madison Summers and Robby Echo:

Robby is a contractor who comes over to Madison’s lavish home to give her a quote on a renovation. Madison though, enamored with Robby’s taught, muscled frame, can’t bear to let him walk out the door without swallowing his cock. A quick call to her husband okays the deal, and Madison pounces on Robby like a tiger lunging onto its prey. Robby responds by pounding her all over a leather chair in the middle of the living room and it’s a total treat to watch.


These young hotwives got it made. They can hookup with random guys they meet on the street or ask their husbands to bring someone home. An endless parade of big, hard cock is always waiting outside their doors. See what it takes to keep these insatiable, young brides happily married.

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