Your Dad Taught Me

Trailer Trash Boys
Your Dad Taught Me

Six short hookups around a trashy trailer park shot with a dose of humor. All of the men are clearly game for anything. Confident tops Drew Sebastian, Jonah Wheeler and Isaac X earn MVP honors with their swagger.

Sebastian pours on the Southern hokum when traveling dick-tionary salesman Beau Butler knocks on the door of his trailer. The bald muscle daddy isn’t so interested in books (other than using them to prop up the bed he keeps breaking) but he likes the look of Butler’s purty mouth. And so it goes. Butler delivers a deep-throat blowjob and some ass-eating before the pair sneak into a utility room for a solid ram of Butler’s muscle-butt; Sebastian gives him a thick creampie.

Greg Riley is pumping iron in a red jock strap and asks Isaac X to spot him; the latter has been hauling trash around and strips off his stinky jeans shorts. They quickly jump into a grunting suck-and-fuck punctuated with a stream of filthy talk that allows Isaac to show off his kinky, dominant predilections; Riley has no problem keeping up.

Liam Skye and Alfonso Osnaya (pictured in the cover art) are painting a bathroom stall in their torn underwear – sure, why not? – and soon abandon the task for a flip-fuck. Skye is very slender with neatly trimmed facial hair and some ink, while Osnaya is fit and very pretty with boy-band hair. They slurpily kiss and seem to share genuine chemistry. The young guys trade blowjobs and Skye, especially, mutters pleasurably about Osnaya’s tight hole as they begin to bang; the latter delivers a creampie to Skye when they switch roles.

Jack Hunter and Shae Reynolds’ virtually dialogue-free hookup opens with Reynolds busily deep-throating Hunter’s plus-sized beauty of a cock. Both are a bit scruffy, slender and smooth. Hunter throws a sold fuck into Reynolds, whose eyes roll back into his head as he jerks out a splattery cumshot onto his abs.

Humpy, scruffy pup Zac Snow asks lean, bald Caine O’Connor for help with his chores and as soon as they’re alone in the bathroom, Snow leans over a urinal and drops his shorts. O’Connor exudes sexy swagger and thoroughly dominates Snow by eating his ass with clear enjoyment and setting the pace for their fuck session. He gives Snow a rough, piledriving fuck as the latter whimpers and then has Snow choke and gag on his cock to bring him to climax. (Low-flying airplanes and equipment starting up nearby were probably accidental but nevertheless lend a realistic soundtrack to the white trash setting.)

Adorable Grant Ducati is pumping iron and tending to his chores with a cute smear of dust across one cheekbone when Jonah Wheeler ambles by and decides he wants a taste of the studpup’s alluringly round bubble butt. He enjoyable snacks and slurps on Ducati’s hole and then delivers a slow-and-sensual fuck; they take a break as Ducati sucks on Wheeler’s thick boner before resuming their ride to a creampie finish. Wheeler has believably authentic swagger and easily dominates his compliant fucktoy.


Them dirty Trailer Trash Boys are back and up to more dirty fun in Your Dad Taught Me. Traveling salesman Beau Butler knocked on Uncle Drew's door and before he knew it, he had an ass-full of big hairy dick. Greg Riley gets some help from Isaac X. Alfonso Osnaya and Liam Skye are supposed to be painting, but instead they're fucking on the floor. Jack Hunter and Shae Reynolds are still at it over by the tool shed.

Caine O'Connor and Zac Snow are back again up against that dirty urinal with some fucking going on. And finally Grant Ducati tries to sell an old chair to Jonah Wheeler and gets his ass fucked for his troubles. Don't ask us where we learned to suck dick...Your Dad Taught Me. That's how we roll at Lot 45.

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