The Swords

NakedSword Originals kicks off this ambitious action-adventure series with the first of a planned 10 features under the direction of Marc MacNamara that establishes the project’s epic scope and includes both dramatic flourishes and a welcome dose of humor.

In the world of "The Swords," Falcon has long served as a secret front for government operatives, with such iconic stars as Al Parker, Mike Branson, Colby Taylor and Eric Hanson having been pressed into service over the years (“Porn stars as peacekeepers called ‘The Swords,’” one recruit marvels). As the series opens, a group of current-day exclusives and others have been brought together in a secluded mountain cabin to form a new undercover squad; hunky Roman Todd plays a mysterious figure – handsomely squeezing his muscles into a smart business suit – who kicks off the plot.

Tony Genius and Reign quickly abandon the task they’ve been assigned and devour each other instead. Reign is muscular and inked with an impatient swagger, while Genius exudes enthusiasm and eager charisma. Their chemistry is palpable; Genius slurps down Reign’s impressive boner and grinds onto it when he’s being fucked. It’s clear the stoic Reign appreciates Genius’ moans and yelps.

Todd takes Max Konnor out into the woods and puts him to the test with assplay and a terrific blowjob atop their snowmobile in the cold mountain air. They move indoors to a warmer cabin for a vigorous suck-and-fuck; their pairing is a real pleasure for fans of muscular guys going at each other.

Cole Connor brings a blithe, amusingly bitchy energy to his scenes that are a marked contrast to his leading role as a corrupt prison warden in last year’s sprawling crime epic “Ride or Die” from Raging Stallion. He goes down on Brock Banks like a man starving; the latter is widely celebrated as a power-bottom, but takes on the topman role this time around. However, Connor completely powers their sexplay and rides Banks with hunger.

The marquee pairing is a superb hookup between Michael Boston and Andre Donovan, who find themselves taking shelter in a small, empty cabin after a harrowing encounter. Boston’s teasing bravado is all Donovan needs; they leap onto each other for an intense fuck session and an equal power exchange between two guys who can easily keep up with each other. Boston really knows how to take a pounding and it’s a serious turn-on. Their tryst takes a dramatic twist that includes swordfight (yes, really).

MacNamara sprinkles his script with genuinely funny one-liners (“This is why they don’t want to make you an exclusive,” one guy grumbles when a mole among the group dramatically reveals himself) and also served as videographer, photographer, art director and lighting designer.

Camera-mounted drone shots of the snowy mountain vistas are impressive and adrenaline-fueled chases through the forest add to the action-adventure entertainment value.


Since the beginning, Falcon | NakedSword models have been more than what the world knows. The studio is a front for government operatives and men like Al Parker, Colby Taylor, and Eric Hanson have all been used as workers for the intelligence bureau. Now, a new group of world-famous Falcon | NakedSword models are being mysteriously brought together in the secluded mountains of Lake Tahoe to form an undercover squad of recruits known as The Swords. From award-winning director Marc MacNamara, this first installment of the adventure sees these renowned stars as they join the ranks, begin their training, and seek out the mole amongst their fellow recruits. Only time will tell which of these stars has what it truly takes to join the ranks of The Swords. Their mission kicks off when the porn stars witness a suited stranger jumping into icy waters. Reign and Tony Genius are tasked with caring for the passed-out man, but would rather break away for some bareback play.

Once the mysterious figure, Roman Todd, awakes, he informs the performers of their higher calling and immediately begins their intensive training. Seeking to ensure that Max Konnor has what it takes to be a Swords operative, Roman brings him into the middle of the snowy woods to rim his muscular bubble butt and service his girthy inches. Back in their hidden estate, Brock Banks is hoping that Cole Connor can help him study, but after going five days without dick, "Hole" Connor is too horny to think about anything besides getting dicked down. Barely escaping the grips of a rogue wolf, Andre Donovan and Michael Boston find themselves in an abandoned cabin. Completely alone, the two engage in a bareback "sword fight" before getting caught in the middle of an electrifying sword fight that will leave them battling for their lives.

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