Views, Vol. 3

Views, Vol. 3

Entirely filmed in Europe, the majority of these vignettes are sumptuously, skillfully shot by director Julia Grandi, with our delicious quartet of foreign female fuck dolls performing swimmingly, indeed.

Drop-dead gorgeous blonde Nancy Ace, working in an elegant seaside hotel, has the hots for a male co-worker (unidentified, like all of the male performers in “Views 3”); our two characters frequently exchange longing looks, before they finally have the entire hotel to themselves one magical afternoon, making the most of the romantic situation. Ace makes the first move, stripping down to a tantalizing blue two-piece bikini at poolside and soon motioning for the dude (on a nearby balcony) to join her. Our Romeo is there in a heartbeat! After the amorous couple partake of some light petting, director Grandi cuts to the two lovers entangled nude, upon a bed, on a balcony overlooking the picturesque seaside village, with numerous scorching moments, including Nancy being slow and passionate with her BJ; showing off some superb squatting action during cowgirl-anal; displaying her superior posterior big league à la spoon-anal; and our stud really slamming it to the seemingly unquenchable wench during doggie-anal.

Exceedingly juicy, brown-haired Lana Roy is a college student, paying her tuition by working as a housekeeper in highfalutin homes/resorts for the “ultra-rich”; Lana, per her own naughty narration, inevitably winds up with unforgettable experiences, one being her volcanic coupling with Christian Clay after he catches her jamming a steel dildo up her ass on the balcony (once again) overlooking a choice seaside resort (probably Ibiza). In addition to her pretty face (including full, luscious lips), Lana has one killer butt. And Ms. Roy’s not only an excellent cocksucker, but also, she performs every position magnificently. Cowgirl-vadge and doggie-anal are particularly out of this world, especially when Lana sits her anus upon Clay’s raging hard-on during cowgirl. She also loves getting her fine fanny furiously spanked. “You’re very big,” she breathlessly states during more doggie butt-fucking, before begging Clay to go “deeper”; our girl gapes magnificently. Then, after some searing missionary-anal, Lana sucks Clay to climax, greedily swallowing every drop o’ penis paste.

In the only Ilya Droombeeld-directed scene, striking blonde Angelika Grays is on vacation with two other couples and feels like she’s the odd girl out, ultimately venturing into the same seaside city, where she soon meets — and later meats! — a lone traveling photographer, played by American porn veteran Erik Everhard, with the two “hitting it off” immediately. Angelika gets hot and heavy with Everhard on the lush, desolate beach, before moving to a cozy sofa overlooking the amazing ocean, with some fiery anal sex unfolding. Cowgirl-anal, with numerous gapes, is choice, as Grays really knows how to work her tastily sculptured body. Everhard penetrates Angie-ass intensely during doggie, while ever-groaning Grays really spreads her cooch wide during missionary-anal, before Everhard spouts sperm all over her mouth. Yes!

Lastly, sweet-looking brown-haired Yukki Amey is fed up with her fiancé — having an argument with the jealous clod on her cell phone, as she’s traveling by train somewhere in Europe — and our girl promptly releases her stress/angst by getting it on with a total stranger, played by Alberto Blanco, who, once they disembark from the train, whisks her to his cool pad for some serious sodomy. Amey is just so damned cute, but she’s also truly sexy; her marvelously compact body just screams to be ravaged. Yukki gives a nice, loud blowjob, before Blanco busts into her tight cooch missionary style. But it’s spoon-anal with this precious sweetheart that’s truly outstanding; ditto for doggie, which is even better, what with Amey’s taut little butt and her anus gaping oh so magnificently. After a spirited session of cowgirl-anal, yummy Yukki sucks Alberto to orgasm, with innocent-looking Amey gulping down a majority of the cock custard.

All four of the ass-fuck-lovin’ babes featured in “Views 3” are simply amazing, although gorgeous Nancy, luscious Lana and precious Yukki are my absolute faves.

Synopsis: is here to open your mind to exciting new VIEWS. This series exposes you to women who have a thrilling outlook on sexual possibilities. Featured cover girl Nancy Ace has been aching for some time alone with her coworker. When the day finally arrives, there's only so much smouldering eye contact she can take before throwing herself at him. Lana Roy, Angelika Grays, and Yukki Amey are all here exploring fresh anal sex horizons. Inspiring stories, sensational settings, and intense action: let be your tour guide to the juiciest VIEWS.

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