Lesbian Analingus, Vol. 16

Sweetheart Video
Lesbian Analingus, Vol. 16

Director Mike Quasar delivers anal play sans cocks in spade with this kinky offering from Sweetheart Video. He puts together a hot young cast and plenty of kinky sex to go along with them.

Anna Claire Clouds and Haley Spades:

Haley Spades invites her old friend Anna Claire Clouds to stay with her after recently breaking up with her boyfriend. When Anna arrives at Haley’s place and sees her vast and luxurious living arrangements, she marvels at the amount of money her friend has been able to make on OnlyFans. Anna declares herself ready to give online sex shows a shot, and Haley suggests they do a show together so that Anna can see just what she’s been missing. Anna Claire Clouds is a star; she commands the screen, she’s sultry, and she’s got a dynamite ass. Paired with the lovely Haley Spades, the scene is a scorcher. Watching Haley feast hungrily on Anna’s asshole is worth the price of admission, but the climactic long shot of Anna returning the favor is damn good too.

Bailey Brooke and Kiara Cole:

Having long held a massive crush on her roommate Kiara Cole, Bailey Brooke cannot resist the temptation any longer and decides to finally make a move on her. After watching Kiara try on multiple outfits complete with daisy dukes, Bailey finally tells her how hot she is and how impossible it is to resist the temptation of seeing her naked by the pool or catching glimpses of her in the shower. To Bailey’s surprise, Kiara admits she’s been doing it all on purpose to capture Bailey’s attention. There’s something incredibly sexy about seeing a woman’s face buried between the ass cheeks of another woman, and there is plenty of that here. Bailey’s tongue delves into Kiara’s hole like a snake sampling the air, and she cannot get enough. All over the couch, in multiple positions, Bailey tongues Kiara’s asshole lovingly. And when Kiara finally takes her turn, she melts Bailey’s face with her enthusiastic anal tongue lashing.

Gizelle Blanco and Aria Taylor:

This is another simple roommate seduction story. Gizelle Blanco has a crush on Aria Taylor; she decides to make a move, and Aria reciprocates. Holy tits, Batman: Aria is blessed with a wonderful rack, and Gizelle takes a long and delicious moment to get familiar with them before turning her attention to her friend’s asshole. Watching Aria rock her ass back into Gizelle’s waiting tongue is awesome, as is watching Gizelle rub her clit while Aria slurps at her ass.

Jazmin Luv and Braylin Bailey:

When Braylin Bailey invited Jazmin Luv on a weekend getaway, Jazmin was certain they would finally hook up. However, when it becomes apparent that Braylin plans to spend the entire weekend arguing with her apparent ex, Jazmin decides to take matters into her own hands. Jazmin’s sultry voice egging Braylin on is by far the highlight here. There is a deep arousal that comes with listening to Jazmin tell Braylin to keep locking her asshole. Hot damn, is it just what the doctor ordered!

This is a fine fetish film. As popular as anal is in porn, it still carries an air of taboo kink, and Mike Quasar serves its audience nicely here. The cast is pretty top notch, and nothing is overdone.


Sweetheart is back with a brand new collection of sexy, lesbian analingus tales. The light of seductiveness and sensuality is shone on a topic and act that can seem very taboo to most, but to these gorgeous women, it is another avenue to explore; the sensual teasing of seductive ass-play. Toying, fingering and licking open up these girls to new heights of sexual ecstasy. Directed by Mike Quasar.

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