Stretch Me Out
Stretch Me Out

“Stretch Me Out” is a horny smorgasbord of rockin’ Bang! scenes, featuring a quartet of tasty, wanton women who like to mix their daily workouts with cocksucking, pussy-pounding, and (in one crazy case of erotic exercise) a little ass-fucking.

I’ve always liked Kelsi Monroe and really wish we could see more of her these days, like in this scene where the bubble-butted beauty gets heatedly hammered by a very lucky J-Mac in an empty gym. Honestly, Monroe always had the most amazing ass; it’s just so wonderfully big and cushy, yet with a solid nature to it. And here, it’s on full display as Mac boisterously bangs her upon a workout mat, after Monroe (understandably!) gets him all aroused as she’s showing him how to stretch and enhance his workout. She’s positively wonderful at sucking cock and is slow and focused. And her booty looks fab in her skin-tight gym sweats, even without any high heels. Kelsi digs having her booty spanked and having her hair pulled almost as much as getting doggied, which is absolutely one of the movie’s most magnificent moments. We also get to see Kelsey getting banged from behind while standing and Mac pulling her arms back to really thrust his prick deep inside her and (you got it) “stretch (her) out”.

Monroe is incredibly limber, too, getting fucked sideways while standing on one leg (damn!), while standing-missionary is also a killer position in that her fab, flowing fanny is fully featured. And watch her squat on his cock during reverse-cowgirl (shot from Mac’s POV). Wow! You’ll go blind from all the butt-cheek-shaking. They do some standing 69, where Mac has her suck his dick while her head is upside-down and pointing towards the ground. Naturally, there’s a return to doggie with this total treasure, and Mac spurts spunk-a-roo all over Monroe’s twitching anus.

“I want to learn to dance so that I can bang chicks,” Charles Dera boldly tells blonde Lana Sharapova, a dance instructor, point blank when he starts his dance lesson, eventually (inevitably, since this is, after all, porn) slamming her silly in her studio — including her anus — while she’s showing him how to (you got it) “stretch” his legs. There’s standing doggie and spoon, which shifts to spoon-anal, doggie-anal, deepthroating, face-fucking, squirting, more doggie-anal, more deepthroating, spoon-anal, and cowgirl-anal, climaxing with Dera delivering a load inside her anus and Lana licking up all of the love liquid that drips out onto his tummy, as well as giving a parting ATM. Lana rocks!

Next, a dude with a shaved head, who plays a personal workout coach, heartily gets it on at the gym with exotic-looking Havana Bleu. After some leg stretches, Havana gets her mouth and pussy “stretched” to the max by our fortuitous gym sin-structor. Havana has large ass cheeks, which look amazing when she’s bent over, either while standing or on her hands and knees. I like her slow, methodical way of sucking dick, too. And check out that voluminous, shiny ass shake during cowgirl. Boy howdy! After missionary, there’s a glorious return to doggie, with Havana’s ass-jiggling even more boner-bursting than before.

Lastly, the always-welcome Vanna Bardot gets seriously skewered by a cum-plete stranger, played by Codey Steele, in the gym, with Codey initially massaging a kink in her back, while also stretching her legs and then, later at his house, “stretching” both sets of lips (her mouth and pussy lips) back at his place (yes, she accepts his invitation in a San Fernando heartbeat). Gorgeous spinner Vanna delivers the nastiest (loud, deep, wet) blowjob in the movie. She also excels during squatting cowgirl and (natch) doggie, which is totally pounding, going on for a good long time, before Codey whitewashes her butt cheeks with a long stream of thick jizz.

There’s enough plot and humor in this semi-gonzo to make your viewing/spewing all the hornier, with Kelsi, Lana, Havana and Vanna all shining (figuratively and literally) as delightfully athletic sluts.


Everyone has different reasons for working out but these men and women are looking for one key result; they're exercising to get laid! From women who look way too sexy in their spandex to personal trainers who are way more interested in getting personal with their clients, each scintillating scene will have you working that hard muscle between your legs! So let's get back to the gym and into some pussy!

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