Drip, Vol. 1

Drip, Vol. 1

“Drop, Vol.1” is a compilation of scenes from Vixen’s lesbian-centric studio, Slayed, directed by veteran director Laurent Sky. This collection focuses on the kink of squirting and wraps it in the eroticism of lesbianism.

Ivy Wolfe and Vicki Chase (“Wild Things”):

This scene starts off right in the middle of things. Vicki Chase and Ivy Wolfe are caressing and kissing each other passionately in a pool against a seductive song with a heavy beat. They set a tone filled with unbridled lust right away, and the carnal heat index goes up exponentially from there. Ivy is pretty special. She just immerses herself completely within her partner and lets the sex consume her when she performs. You can see how much she really enjoys having her tongue buried inside Vicki’s pussy, and her authenticity gives so much heat to the scene. Vicki melts under Ivy’s touch, from her flicking tongue to the way Ivy pounds her asshole with a metal dildo. It’s sexual poetry.

Adriana Chechik and Scarlit Scandal (“Surveillance”):

What a dream pairing! Scarlit Scandal is one of the most sensual performers in the industry today, and Adriana Chechik has been top-shelf for years. It’s a match made in heaven and does not disappoint. The light theme of surveillance is accomplished in the background running a Charlotte Stokely Slayed preview on a loop. Adriana and Scarlit entwine themselves in each other as the grainy sexual images play behind them, filling the room with sexual energy. Adriana brings Scarlit to a wet, squirting climax with her fingers before letting Scarlit mount her face and fill her mouth with a second gushing release. It is intense!

Eliza Ibarra and Charlotte Sins (“Devour”):

What a great opening! The music is perfect, the lighting highlights the performers wonderfully, and the simple message from Eliza Ibarra to Charlotte Sins sets the tone for scene. Eliza is hungry here! She strips Charlotte of her clothing and immediately buries her face in the blonde’s hot box. Her hands and mouth are all over her, like she can’t get enough of Charlotte’s body. There’s some good toy play as well, with Eliza choking Charlotte on a thick black dildo before sliding it into Charlotte’s tight ass while cradling her lovingly. It’s a beautiful and erotic sequence that is the best in the entire film. Eliza later uses that same toy to fuck herself to multiple squirting orgasms as Charlotte gazes on.

Azul Hermosa and Kenzie Anne (“Primal Heat”):

This scene has big J-Lo energy. From the setting to the hair stylings to the outfits, Azul brings huge Latina heat to the table. Kenzie almost legitimately munches on Azul’s box as the Latin bombshell rides her face in a sequence that is deservedly extended before Azul rewards Kenzie’s efforts with some intense toy play.

Slayed continues to be the premium lesbian brand on the market. There’s a glamour to it that harkens back to the days when porn took itself more seriously and wanted to feel like out-of-this-world fantasy.


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