Married With Boyfriends, Vol. 3

New Sensations
Married With Boyfriends, Vol. 3

New Sensations directors Eddie Powell and Paul Woodcrest have a penchant for capturing the thrill of the hotwifing kink. While the veteran directors have tackled this genre before, this series is a little bit of a different take on the subject. Gone is the stereotypical meek wife calling her husband the day of the trysts to remind him of how much she appreciates him setting her up with other men. This time around, the ladies have taken charge and openly parade their infidelity.

Charlie Valentine, Jason Moody, and Jayden Marcos:

Charlie Valentine and Jayden Marcos are an open couple with an open marriage. They invite Jason Moody over for cocktails, but they’ve got something more intimate in mind. When Charlie brazenly strips out of her dress and settles herself onto Jason’s lap, he’s understandably shocked. But Charlie inhales his stiff cock hungrily while Jayden watches with a hot smile on his face; Jason’s inhibitions melt away. This scene is definitely a play on the cuck fantasy as Jason gets all the action from Charlie. He gets to eat her pussy, cuff her wrists and ankles, and pound her relentlessly, while Jayden watches and strokes his meat. Eventually, both guys dump their loads on Charlie’s ass.

Audrey Madison and Brad Newman:

This scene is a much more traditional hotwife experience. Audrey Madison’s husband leaves for work, and he leaves his lovely wife a note saying he thought she and Brad Newman could have a good time while he’s away. Audrey changes into some sexy lingerie, Brad arrives, and boom — sex-o-clock! Audrey really gets into Brad here. Her eyes squint shut, her lips part with passion as he drills her pussy, and her moans of pleasure come in whispered bunches. When Brad switches her to spoon, she explodes into an eye-rolling orgasm that nearly ends her. And those tits — my goodness!

Haley Winters and Nathan Bronson:

Haley Winters wakes up next to Nathan Bronson still beaming in the previous night’s sexual afterglow. Not one to waste the moment, she climbs atop her boy toy and goes to town again, slurping down his cock like a lollipop. This leads to Nathan tearing Haley’s pussy up big time, slamming her hard, fast, long, and strong.

Harley Haze and Mark Wood:

Harley Haze tells Mark Wood straight up that her husband is fine with her fucking other men, and she’s had her eye on him for some time. Mark puts Harley through the paces, taking her in missionary and cowgirl before draining his balls all over her stomach. It is surprisingly calming to watch Harley perform. She just has a soothing nature about her that makes a person smile, and it’s hard not to grin when she’s taking a thick dick in her pussy.

The strength of this film is, without a doubt, the top-tier performance of Audrey Madison. She really brings the heat in her scene, and that makes the entire film worth watching. Charlie scorches in her own right, and the final two scenes are enjoyable as well. Plus, the way the whole hotwifing thing is turned a little on its head is refreshing.


These beautiful hotwives are too insatiable to be satisfied by one man. That's why they're married with boyfriends. Watch Hyley Winters, Audrey Madison, Charlie Valentine, and Harley Haze get their fill of extramarital cock while their loving husbands remain loyal.

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