Girls Gave Everything

Burning Angel
Girls Gave Everything

Each of the girls in this Burning Angel title are fully tattooed, attractive, and hot to jump in the sack — all of which totally works for me.

Farrah Paws is a round and jolly cutie with nice, big, all-natural boobies and a sweet face, as well as a warm disposition, here getting the Burning Angel treatment from stud (also tattooed, for the record) Chad Alva. Paws acts a little nervous before her scene as she talks to director Joanna Angel and performer Alva, but it all works out just fine. I particularly liked her ample boobs wildly revolving during missionary and spoon on a good old-fashioned porn sofa. Doggie with this luscious bunny is a scene highlight, with her dangling boobs swinging and her pretty, long brown hair getting tussled just as animatedly. And I like how she bravely takes a load smack-dab in her pretty face from big bad Chad.

Pre-boob job Angel gives a superbly loud, wet, and dirty deepthroat. She also excels, just by being bent over with that incredible ass, in the doggie department, though we get to appreciate those terrific (as yet un-augmented) tits crazily circulating during spoon. Clover eventually blows beef-stick juice all over her lips, with Angel continuing to suck, after swallowing Clover’s cum down like a greedy sperm vamp.

Playing a totally annoying radio talk show host, Angel gets a call from delectable tattooed DVD cover girl Rizzo Ford, who calls up Angel and asks if she’s a slut for having sex with two military dudes — played by Xander Corvus (good actor) and Mr. Pete — at the Army recruiting center, at which point, her sizzling flashback unfolds before us. Every position with Ford is fab, and I like her moans and groans of pleasure/pain, while she looks amazing when getting doggied or doing cowgirl while choking on the second cock. She has a meaty (but not overly so) all-natural body, ultimately taking both dick-sicle loads like a true champ in her beaming kisser. Good girl!

One of my favorite girls of the lot is dark-haired, extraordinarily attractive spinner Mikaela, here getting it on with her on-screen boyfriend Bill Bailey, who sneaks into her living room through a window while her parents are fast asleep for some smoking pussy/mouth penetration on (you guessed it) the ol’ sofa. Mikaela is great at sloppy dick-sucking, while her choice ass cheeks are a joy to behold in full jiggle mode during cowgirl and doggie; Mikaela is equally fun to watch during missionary, since she’s just so damn pretty. She’s a screamer, too — so much for being quiet and not trying to wake up the parents, right?

Even though none of these tattooed tarts takes it up the ass (which would give the title of giving up “everything” some extra punch), they’re definitely high-energy babes who revel in sucking/fucking before the camera. I’m actually surprised that buttfuck queen Angel doesn’t take it up the asshole, but perhaps she’s simply giving it a rest for future backdoor poundings. Prudent.


Farrah Paws was nervous about her first time shooting porn. Chad Alva lubricated her with some charm, that she could have any kind of sex she wanted, and we found out this shy girl likes it rough. My pool party was a great success but the homeowner returned, inquiring as to why some douchebag posted party photos from his house. I thought I could help this grumpy pants named Clover, to relax with some forgiveness that includes a sloppy blowjob and putting his meat in my tight pussy while he fingered my asshole. Rizzo Ford went to her Army recruitment center and wore a skirt with no panties, the men Xander Corvus and Mr. Pete ordered her to do push ups and caught them looking up her skirt - but since it was about freedom.. She took both their dicks as they double teamed her in this threeway for the USA. Mikaela could hardly contain her excitement when her older boyfriend Bill Bailey came sneaking into the window. She assured her nervous man toy that her parents were resting soundly upstairs and didn't have to worry about being caught.

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