Fertile Young Things

Fertile Young Things

This release boasts three marvelously kinky tales from Deeper.com. The gorgeous Amber Moore and luscious Ryan Reid truly outdo themselves, while the fourth tale, featuring scrumptious Mila Monet, might be relatively less freaky but is nonetheless exceedingly horny.

One of the most beautiful and sexy specimens to grace the current porn screen is the all-around perfect Amber Moore, here getting nasty with a police officer, played by Troy Francisco, who’s patrolling her neighborhood after she files a report on some pervert flashing her in the hood. Moore is up for some bent sex, flashing Francisco herself as he walks past her home the third day of his perv-watch. But Amber is the real perv — as is Troy, we soon discover. After the nude wench lets him inside, Troy handcuffs her and starts ravishing the ultra-beauty. Doggie with this outstanding babe is a movie highlight, although there’s no bad position with Moore. Francisco goes way deep during missionary, while Moore’s vibrating ass cheeks are a sight for sore eyes during cowgirl. Spoon and reverse-cowgirl are just as fantastic, and there’s a highly welcome return to even more potent cowgirl humping, before Troy’s toy releases boy-joy all over Amber’s picture-perfect face.

In a moodily lit scene, the vampish — though still trampish — Ryan is pissed at a Hollywood producer, played by Manuel Ferrara, who doesn’t give her the role she fucked him for, although the slut returns to suck/fuck him again in one blistering tryst. Ryan is a meaty thing whose thighs and ass look amazing during missionary, while the aforementioned booty is off the scale during cowgirl and (especially) doggie. What a superior posterior! She’s a marvy cocksucker, too, taking a copious Manuel load in her photogenic face like a true champ.

In a continuation of the previous scene, the insatiable Ms. Reid returns — this time running a laundromat, which is actually a front for prostitution, where she’s the lone hustler and is sluttily servicing Troy amidst the empty washing machines and dryers. A jealous Manuel shows up to warn Ryan that she’s ruining her career. But our headstrong, haughty, hedonistic hottie is gonna live her life as she chooses, causing a fully perturbed Manuel to storm off in a huff. Ha! The highlights include raunchy Ryan riding Troy cowgirl with that highly slappable ass, and slap it he does; Francisco passionately pounding her during savage missionary; and out-of-this-world doggie with Reid’s royal rump in full swing. There’s even a return to wild cowgirl and merciless missionary, before Troy blows his load all over Ryan’s beaming face.

Lastly, and in the least kinky of our tales, we have Mila Monet and Mick looking ever so grim and yet ever so formally dressed in a hotel room (or somewhere), with Mila slowly massaging the guy through his clothes and Blue looking like he’s gonna vapor-lock at any given second, until they start getting down and dirty, as we hoped/expected. I like the slow, methodical way Mila sucks dick, while doggie with this fleshy fox is a scene stealer. Cowgirl lets us further enjoy her rockin’ rear as Mila moans and moans while Blue bangs away. And I love the way Blue makes Monet’s face look like a melting waxwork after she bravely takes a downright deluge o’ dick dumping.

“Fertile Young Things” is a grand title for hardcore viewers and exploring couples alike, since it features some decadent in-and-outings with three tasty tarts, while the sex isn’t too freaky. The main attractions, however, are most definitely off-the-scale beautiful Amber and ever-succulent/-arousing Ryan, who, trust me, you won’t mind in the least appearing in two back-to-back scenes. Scorching stuff!


Deeper.com presents a collection of vignettes that follows the steps of three young seductresses still learning their craft. At first faltering, and then steadily more brazen, Amber lures in the beat cop who walks her street. Mila uses sex to distract her partner from the crisis at hand, and in a two-part finale, the bratty and tantrum prone Ryan hate fucks the producer she throught would hand her a role and then adds an encore right in front of him with a stranger when he comments sarcastically that she try her hand at prostitution too. Each comes out armed with new tricks for the next time.

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