Mégane and Shona Escorts Deluxe

Mégane and Shona Escorts Deluxe

Frank Vicomte’s second foray into Dorcel’s “Escorts” line is even better than his first. Armed with dynamite headlining performers Mégane Lopez and impressive newcomer Shona River, Vicomte weaves a fantasy that spans across sexual boundaries against the backdrop of Paris.

Shona River, Totti, and Charlie Dean:

This was a really simple scene that lands because of how beautiful and desirable Shona is. There are no words spoken, just Shona receiving a text, donning her lingerie, and arriving at a flat to service nameless studs. But in that small space, Shona shines like a diamond in the moonlight. She sucks the cocks of both Totti and Charlie Dean in delicious fashion, and receives a fantastic (and lengthy) DP. Shona totally owns this scene, and it really sticks the landing on the strength of her sizzling sexuality.

Catherine Knight and Charlie Dean:

Charlie waits patiently for the escort he hired to arrive. Catherine slinks into his apartment dressed in stunning black leather and an all-business attitude. Within moments, she’s dominating Charlie like the sub he’s so desperate to be. Catherine rides Charlie in a super sexy cowgirl that shows off her svelte body, and she leans heavily into foot worship as well. The lighting during the spoon is also pretty great, as it really draws the eye to the performers. And the scene boasts great art direction.

Cherry Kiss, Mégane Lopez, and Totti:

This time, it’s the scrumptious Cherry Kiss who has ordered an escort for a good time, and Mégane Lopez turns out to be her afternoon treat. A few glasses of wine later, and Mégane finds herself with a mouthful of Totti’s cock and Cherry’s cunt. There is something incredibly stimulating about watching Mégane slink over to a legs-spread, jeweled, butt plug-adorned Cherry. It’s a quick shot, but also, is easily the sexiest shot of the scene. A close second is Cherry giving Totti her tight asshole to pump.

Lika Star and Kristof Cale:

This scene is a nice break from the film’s formula. Lika Star and her mother are arguing about her mother’s sordid affairs with young, male escorts. While her mother sees no issue with a woman indulging herself from time to time, Lika finds her behavior abhorrent. When her mother leaves for yet another scandalous rendezvous, Lika decides she’s had enough and packs her things. But before she can leave, Kristof Cale shows up looking for her mom. In a moment of vindictive fury, Lika decides to find out what’s so great about fucking random strangers. Lika is very pretty, and she practically melts under Kristof’s gentle lovemaking in this scene, which is easily the most passionate of the film.

Mégane Lopez and Shona River:

Back at their flat, Mégane and Shona take a few moments to relax after a whirling few days. Mégane, acting on impulses that have been building in her loins for weeks, steals a kiss from Shona, who happily reciprocates the sentiment. Again, Shona shines as her passion and surrender to ecstasy carry the scene. Mégane is the perfect co-pilot on this sexual journey as she steers Shona through the orgasmic surf. Do not miss Shona toying Mégane’s wet pussy towards the end; holy worth the price of admission, Batman!


For Shona and Megane, sex is much more than a pleasure, it is a real way of life.

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