My Curvy Hotwife

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My Curvy Hotwife

These women are thick! Boy howdy, are they ever! Hefty hooters. Big asses. Loads upon loads of cushy flesh. And in this special portmanteau from New Sensations, four luscious ladies —lavishly, lustfully flaunting all of the above physical characteristics — portray women whose husbands like them getting fucked by other men, making for some horny viewing indeed. Director Eddie Powell generously gives us a nice variety of curvy hotwives in the form of blondes, brunettes and redheads.

Gabriela Lopez — a brunette with huge, natural boobs and a nice round rump —is being professionally shot by a photographer, Brad Newman, in her home, with Lopez soon disrobing, much to the shock of Newman, who’s a bit nervous before Lopez tells him that her husband (nowhere to be seen) digs men fucking her. And that’s when Brad goes for it. Voracious Lopez is one downright sloppy cocksucker, in the best sense of the word. She also looks fantastic in the missionary and spoon positions, sometimes — when getting maniacally hammered by Brad-beef — actually sucking her own tits (yes, they’re that enormous!), which are frequently, wildly spinning around like giant pinwheels, with big bad Brad eventually jacking off onto her face and hair. Talk about an energetic opening sequence!

DVD cover babe Ashlyn Peaks portrays an insatiable hotwife, getting it on with stranger Danny Mountain. And even though this bawdy brunette’s own husband is gone, Peaks’ hubby is more than happy to share this choice collection of curves with other dudes, much to Peaks’ perverted pleasure. Ashlyn has an amazing pair of big, floppy breasts, which especially look out of this world during reverse-cowgirl. But the girl just can’t suck enough dick! Hell, she’s frequently taking a break from cowgirl, missionary and doggie to suck, and suck, and suck Mountain-meatstick. No complaining here! Missionary with this intensely juicy specimen is especially a treat, as Danny gets her into a tight pretzel position, her tits jiggling like cake batter, while the marvy slut digs watching her pussy get heavily penetrated, before Danny dumps a deluge o’ dick-paste all over those heavenly hooters, as well as her lush tummy.

Older dude Michael Stefano heatedly services the relatively quiet, but still horny, thoroughly curvy redheaded Bess Breast (and yes, her tits do live up to her rather direct name), with her husband arranging the whole nasty affair. Cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl are definitely the best positions with Bess in terms of showing off her large ass and big boobies, respectively; Stefano eventually titty-fucks her to the point of shooting sperm pellets all over those hangin’ fun bags.

Lastly, bawdy blonde Jenna Starr plays a super slut whose husband wants their friend, Tommy Pistol, to give his wife a massage before Pistol royally fucks her. And while Tommy never really gets to the former, he most certainly (thankfully) gets to the latter. There are no bad positions with Starr, who possesses a nice, smooth pussy — which she likes getting furiously rubbed while her anus is eaten before getting ploughed doggie style; her butt and boobs wildly ripple every which way during this key Starr position. Ditto for cowgirl and spoon. Jenna’s also a glutinous cocksucker. Yes! But I really enjoyed viewing her getting pounded during missionary, where this voluptuous, hot-to-trot flesh vixen offers plenty of nasty eye contact. “You’re making that pussy feel so good,” she pants to Pistol, who eventually sprays her big-time bountiful butt cheeks with cheese whiz after a spirited session of spoon. Whew!

Lovers of Rubenesque women should absolutely rush out to get this latest, in-your-face hotwife series from director Powell, with high points especially going to well-endowed, full-figured, thick and lusty lassies Lopez, Peaks and Starr.


My curvy hotwife is insatiable. She craves pleasure all the time. One man could never be enough. Fortunately, there are friends and neighbors, even strangers, I can bring home to satisfy her appetite for cock.

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