Lesbian Stepsisters 11

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Lesbian Stepsisters 11

The fauxcest and lesbian tropes collide in this homoerotic banger from hall-of-fame director Mike Quasar.

Vanessa Sky and Delilah Day:

Delilah is beyond frustrated with her stepsister Vanessa, who is a certified layabout. No job, sleeps all day, shirks the rent, and never cleans up her mess. What benefit is there to Delilah to having Vanessa stay with her? Oh yes, that’s right; it’s her delicious ass! Watching Vanessa park that ass on Delilah’s face is a real treat as the blonde beauty laps at her clit hungrily. In fact, Delilah can hardly get enough of Vanessa’s pussy, keeping her face buried in the Latina’s box for the majority of the action. Delilah does get a chance to sit on Vanessa’s face, and the wait is certainly worth it, as Vanessa’s entire face practically disappears in Delilah’s delicious hotbox.

Charlotte Sins and Spencer Bradley:

After getting ghosted on a rebound date by both their potential suitors, Charlotte reminds her stepsister Spencer of the strong sexual connection between them. While Spencer is hesitant to take her young sister up on her offer, she admits their pickings are rather slim. Reluctantly, she goes back home with Charlotte for a nightcap. However, once her heaving bosom finds its way into Charlotte’s soft lips, all her inhibitions crumble. Even though Charlotte is the instigator, it’s Spencer who takes the lead and seduces Charlotte. The soft way she teases Charlotte’s nipples, the light kisses she rains down on Charlotte’s panties, the slow strokes through Charlotte’s hair — it all works to heighten the intimacy and excitement. When Spencer slowly lowers her pussy onto Charlotte’s mouth, the young woman’s tongue instantly brings Spencer to a quivering orgasm, and Spencer rewards her skill with a thorough tonguing of her own.

Athena Faris and Lilly Bell:

Lilly Bell has been dating guy after guy for months with little success, and her stepsister Athena Faris is fed up with it. One night, as Lilly is getting ready for yet another deadbeat date, Athena decides to suggest Lilly look elsewhere for satisfaction — namely, in Athena’s panties. This isn’t the first time Athena has broached the subject, and Lilly has until this point resisted her advances. But after so many successive romantic failures with guys, Lilly decides a sexy romp with her cute stepsister can’t be worse. And wooooo baby, is it worth it! Athena is so pretty, and she compliments Lilly so well. Athena’s sunkissed skin and dirty blonde locks pair perfectly with Lilly’s milky white flesh and classic blonde hair. It’s honestly like watching two young angels pleasure one another. The way Athena whimpers and grinds her pussy on Lilly’s tongue as she’s sitting on her face is pretty magical, and the ensuing 69 is even more so.

Harley Haze and Apryl Rein:

After a heady that includes her stepsister’s boyfriend (much to her chagrin) Apryl Rein brings up the idea of them excluding him in favor of some family business. Harley Haze is hesitant and agrees only to prove that while the threesome was intense and enjoyable, she’s not a lesbian like Apryl — and she’s certainly not into fucking her sister on the regular. This is the classic “turn a straight girl gay” fantasy, and these two make it work. With each sensual lick of her tongue, Apryl brings Harley close to the waterfalls of ecstasy. And when her fingers and tongue are working in tandem on her pussy, Harley is powerless to resist the pleasure. She returns the favor with enthusiasm, giving Apryl exactly what she’s been craving. The understandably popular face-sitting position ends their passionate encounter in perfect orgasmic fashion.

Mike Quasar has directed his fair share of fauxcest porn, so long-time fans of his will be very familiar with this genre — and there’s no denying he knows how to capture the fantasy. Featuring a good cast and showcasing some very arousing sex, “Lesbian Stepsisters 11” is everything fans could want from a fetish film.


Sweet, sensual lesbian sex. Sucking, licking, kissing, tonguing Lesbian Stepsisters. Sisters got to stick together! Four sweet, erotic scenes of passionate step-sisters who love each other.

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