Club VXN 9

Club VXN 9

From, we get four stories focusing mainly on the searing sex rather than the stories, which is fine, since this is, after all, porn. Right? And with ultra-suck-fuck babes Avery Cristy, Allie Nicole, Kenna James and Lilly Bell, along with lusty lass Oxana Chic, you can’t possibly go wrong.

In one of three scenes directed by Laurent Sky, Oliver Flynn plays an amateur thief who comes home one day to his lady, played by Cristy, with a large bag filled with hundred dollar bills — which he throws all over their bed, and upon which he bangs the delicious Cristy, along with her equally tasty girlfriend, James, in one inferno of an opening. Watch how both ladies simultaneously lather Flynn’s shaft — one on the right side, one on the left — before each slut individually chokes/gags/hacks on Flynn’s jolly lollipop. Other apocalyptic moments include Cristy riding Flynn-pud via cowgirl as Kenna spanks her fine fanny; Kenna hacking on Flynn’s long love member in-between ramming Cristy doggie style; and Flynn filling up Kenna’s cooch spoon style, leading to his blowing cock-whiz all over her twat, after which Cristy greedily eats it up then sucks on James’ pussy. Amazing!

Next, juicy Allie Nicole is taking naughty pictures of herself in the office of her boss, played by Manuel Ferrara, when he catches her. But he’s not too bothered by it; the undaunted, horny Nicole soon, “accidentally” drops a cup of hot coffee in his lap, only to rub his cock through his pants, getting him instantly — literally and figuratively — hot and bothered, with Ferrara totally ravaging her in his office. Nicole is a superb cocksucker, and man, can she ride a prick with that floppy ass cowgirl style. A movie highlight! Reverse-cowgirl and spoon are wondrous with Nicole, but doggie with her uber-succulent bod is outstanding, especially the way Ferrara just mercilessly hammers at Allie, before blasting her mouth full of dick sauce.

In the only scene directed by Julia Grandi, we magically travel to the visually striking European resort of Ibiza, with Chic and Alberto Blanco frolicking along the beach, then bike riding, then having a serene picnic in the countryside before finally capping it all off with some volcanic probing back home upon cozy mattresses in their patio overlooking the majestic sea. Oxana gives a slow, passionate blowjob, before Blanco mounts her missionary and gets Chic thoroughly soaked. Doggie, cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl are all superb stances with the lovely Oxana in this more laidback sequence, climaxing with the romantic cocooning of Chic’s nostrils care of Blanco’s custard-like boy batter.

Back in the big city, gorgeous blonde Bell has the hots for her (can you guess?) rich executive boss, played by Flynn, with bawdy Bell eventually showing what a magnificent slut she is in their boudoir. Through effective editing, we see their six-month progress as a perverted couple, with the two eventually giving us a scorching tryst in their voluminous, upscale bathroom; the scalding action eventually shifts to their king-sized bed. Bell is a fantastic deepthroater, and standing doggie with her undulating ass cheeks is a movie highlight. Her eye contact with Flynn during missionary is incredible, as she’s just so into the heated sex.

Upon their king-sized bed, Bell works her full bottom even better during cowgirl, as she begs Flynn to spank her — and boy, does he! Doggie is even better the second time, as it’s so close up, with Bell’s perfect pussy beautifully gaping. And watch her wonderfully floppy tits circulate during spoon. Damn! We finish off with some deep, hard missionary, before Flynn lets fly (with the gametes) all over her hair and tongue.

“Club VXN 9 is first-class porn, with each scene positively boiling, especially care of fiery foxes Cristy, Nicole and Bell — though Chic’s more subtle interlude with Blanco is perfecto for couples. This is top-notch adult viewing!

Synopsis: welcomes you where the sexual elite go to get it on: CLUB VXN. This series peels back the curtain on what happens in the most select sexual circles. Featured cover girls Kenna James and Avery Cristy have struck it rich, but they're addicted to the thrill of living dangerously. It's time for a quick getaway - right after these partners-in-crime sneak in an adrenaline-fuelled three-way. Allie Nicole, Oxana Chic, and Lilly Bell are all here in our exclusive society. Lavish settings, lusty stories, and luscious ladies: live fast and love hard with at CLUB VXN.

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