Transfixed Vol. Seven

Adult Time
Transfixed Vol. Seven

Bree Mills’ ever-popular “Transfixed” series returns for its seventh iteration under the direction of veteran director Bree Mills.

Kleio Valentien and Chanel Santini:

A play on the “Little Red Riding Hood” fairytale, this scene features strong art direction (yay, costumes!) mood-building music, and fantastic storytelling. Chanel Santini is the titular character traipsing through the woods, but in a nice twist on the tale, she’s being stalked by a devilishly sexy version of the evil queen (Kleio Valentien). After taking the damning bite from the cursed apple, Red finds herself unable to resist the queen’s luscious call. When she arrives at “grandmother’s house,” the queen is waiting for her. I love the opening to this scene; porn works so well when it leans heavily into fantasy narratives, and this scene does that in spades. The sex takes on a more visceral feel because the fantasy element is heightened. Chanel pounds Kleio’s pussy deep and hard all over the expansive bed, and Kleio’s throat also gets a stiff workout. The 69 finish is awesome.

Siri Dahl and Daisy Taylor:

Daisy Taylor is a model looking for work, and she answers a classified add from painter Siri Dahl in hopes of landing a paying gig and getting a bit of exposure. Siri shows Daisy around the beautiful location before bringing her into the studio and setting her up with a wardrobe. As the session progresses, Daisy offers to strip to nude, and Siri agrees, revealing Daisy’s cock. Not only is Siri unfazed, but she’s actually intrigued — and before Daisy realizes what’s happening, Siri’s mouth is on hers. Siri has an awesome body; she’s so curvy, and her face is cute as a button. Daisy’s pouty lips and chipmunk cheeks are equally appealing, and she moves like a serpent coiling around its prey when she’s having sex. The two make for a wonderful pair. Siri buries half her face in Daisy’s ass as she’s rimming her, and the camera captures some incredibly provocative close-ups of her ass as she’s doing so while she’s doing it. There’s also some nice toy play that pushes Siri over the brink.

Korra del Rio and Lola Tae:

Lola Tae is a wedding photographer hired to replace Korra del Rio’s original photographer at the last minute. Korra is nervous, but Lola’s calming demeanor sets her at ease. Before long, the Madonna-esque artist has Korra stripping out of her wedding dress for some provocative photos intended to ignite her future spouse’s libido. The sexual tension in the room gets thick, and soon enough, Lola has Korra’s cock in her mouth. Lola settles herself down onto Korra’s throbbing shaft, and her walls come crashing down, revealing the dirty slut hidden behind them. Lola keeps up a string of naughty commentary, and Korra gets more excited by the stroke. She fucks Lola’s mouth to choking, humps her vigorously from behind, and slams her in a sexy spoon.

This is another solid offering in the “Transfixed” series, and it was nice to see another director getting involved in bringing these visions to life. There are some pretty nice locations used in “Transfixed, Vol. 7,” and the music is also very good. Mills shows a high level of skill in regards to creating a mood for the audience, and the sex is exactly what you want from a movie like this.


The enchanting forest landscape almost seems to glow like Chanel Santini, wearing a bright red hood with a wicker basket on her arm. She has a secret admirer who hides just beyond the treeline. Kleio Valentien, wrapped in dark fur, watches Chanel from afar with hungry eyes as she slowly licks her lips. It smells of the happy ending befitting of their fairytale. Daisy Taylor, a college student and aspiring model, walks through the gates of a beautiful estate. She has answered a modeling ad to be painted by Siri Dahl, the resident artist at her school and a world renowned figure in the art world. Daisy will become the muse of Siri. Korra Del Rio looks absolutely stunning in her wedding dress. When Lola Fae arrives, she is immediately taken in by Korra's beauty. Lola is the photographer for her wedding. She begins taking picture after picture of Korra and each snap of the camera seems to build an unexpected heat between them.

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