Kayden Kross presents four anally-themed scenes that cover a wide variance of fantasies.

Ashley Lane and Oliver Flynn (“Pain Bunny”):

This scene is intense. I mean, you want to talk about ecstasy brought about by pain and the denial of pleasure? This is it right here. Ashley Lane is a willing sub to Oliver Flynn’s dom, and she begs him to push her beyond her threshold of existence into a realm of pure lust and overindulgence. Flynn is only too happy to oblige her, tying her up in the most vulnerable of positions and teasing her relentlessly. Lane’s pussy gushes multiple times as her body explodes before Flynn flips her over and begins a beautiful battering of her butt. If you are into BDSM, you are going to adore this scene. And if you’re not, you just might be after watching it.

Emily Willis and Seth Gamble (“Barrier”):

Emily Willis and Ryan Mclane are in the middle of a bitter civil suit wherein Willis is accusing Mclane of taking advantage of her sexually while Mclane claims their entire encounter was consensual. Unfortunately, because Willis only speaks Spanish and Mclane only speaks English, it’s impossible to tell who said what and who understood that what. Ultimately, Mclane storms out of the meeting with the situation unresolved. A dejected Willis and her Spanish-speaking lawyer Seth Gamble are left dealing with their precarious position when Willis decides to quell her emotions and worries in the only way she knows how: by fucking. The sex starts out fairly safe, but before long, the sexual animal inside Gamble comes roaring out, and he starts to take full advantage of the petite Willis. He fucks her mouth in a kind of reverse wheelbarrow, slips her into an impressive standing 69, and pounds her over the table hard and fast. The fireworks explode when he slams his cock into her tight ass and hammers her to shreds on the board room table.

Kyler Quinn and Manuel Ferrara (“Just Business”):

This scene is built on the concept of the bar hook-up. Though it’s a porn trope through and through, director Kayden Kross is able to add a unique layer of drama to the scenario. Manuel Ferrara picks up Kyler Quinn in a bar and takes her back to his hotel room for a good time. But when she suggests he pay her for the good time he wants to have, he suddenly reveals that he’s a cop, putting Quinn’s freedom in jeopardy. The seduction changes immediately from fun to survival, and Ferrara goes from a guy looking for a good time to a cop grappling with his morality. There are some really strong undertones here that have to do with the abuse of authority, but damn if it ain’t hot. Kross has shown in the past that she’s not afraid to broach taboo situations in relation to sex, and this is absolutely one of them. Ferrara tears Quinn up something fierce here.

Kenna James and Manuel Ferrara (“Hooked”):

Kenna freaking James, man! This woman is a masterful performer, and everything she does is damn gold. I love the crack in her voice as she narrates the opening of this scene with a wonderful soliloquy. Listening to her voice coupled with the words she’s saying creates an undeniable tone that drips with sultry hedonism. This is what we mean when we say sex in porn is elevated when the audience is given a reason to invest in it beyond the physical act. We feel what James is saying on a deep, personal, visceral level.

This is one of the strongest movies I’ve seen from Deeper in the last year. Kross does a great job directing these four scenes, and the cast all do a great job bringing the scenes to life. That said, James takes the show and runs away with it here. She needs to win a bunch of awards and get a bunch of opportunities at whatever she wants after this.


Anal sex is more than just novelty in this collection of illicit stories focused on seduction, opportunity, and the give and take of power as the players step carefully around each other, each with their sights set on the high that is taking the objectified person they've come to desire most. Starring Emily Willis, Kenna James, and Ashley Lane with a first-time appearance from Kyler Quinn.

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