Views Vol. 2

Views Vol. 2

Every time I watch a movie directed by Julia Grandi, I know I’m in for a real treat! And (yes!) she directs three of the four episodes in “Views, Vol. 2” for, which includes some amazing on-location foreign videography, in addition to the fiery anal sex. There’s also a terrific scene directed by Ilya Droombeeld and set in the Spanish resort of Ibiza, featuring the appropriately named Emily Cutie, while the other three foxy females directed by Grandi include the incredible Agatha Vega, the delicious Casey Nohrman (my favorite here), and the truly slutty Angelina Robihood (who forgot the “n” in her Robinhood name, but — who cares? — she’s still an absolutely brilliant suck/fuck machine).

In Grandi’s first scene, the gorgeous Agatha Vega plays a babe visiting Paris, while (though writing how much she misses her boyfriend, she’s) also fucking stranger Manuel Ferrara; their memorable daytime sequence is filmed with the Eiffel Tower prominently in the background. See Vega’s perfectly-formed ass cheeks fly during cowgirl-vadge, with Ferrara putting his uncut wiener in her asshole during spoon, followed by reverse-cowgirl-anal, an ATM (thank you, Agatha!), cowgirl-anal (there’s that killer ass, flying all over the place again), complete with some marvy squatting action from Vega. I wish there were some doggie, but that’s fine. We get plenty of amazing shots of Vega’s ass during spoon and (especially) cowgirl, which includes many charming gapes. And check out how Ferrara plasters Vega’s pretty face with copious cum!

Next, director Droombeeld shoots Cutie getting the “Views” anal treatment, with Cutie playing an international model in Ibiza who gets down and dirty with Alberto Blanco, in another scene where we’re treated to another strikingly picturesque backdrop. The episode is expertly shot in a warm, bright, solar fashion upon an honest-to-goodness bed with the romantic Ibiza landscape seen through the large bedroom windows. Cutie has a meaty ass that’s ideal for ass-fucking and looks amazing during missionary-anal (she doesn’t mind ATMs, while also delivering superb gapes, and not minding some light spanking now and again), cowgirl-anal, and especially doggie-anal (complete with plenty of sincere moans of joy/pain from the ever-passionate Cutie).

Grandi directs a couple of fantastic Ibiza scenes herself, one with the sexy Robihood (in the movie’s final episode) playing a tough taskmaster and giving her pool-cleaning guy, Ralf Christian, a hard time, before he gives the bitchy Grandi a hard time herself at poolside, with Grandi shining during doggie-anal and an even-meatier-than-Cutie ass in full glory. Her behind is all red from being seriously spanked, while she’s the best deepthroater in the movie. But my favorite Grandi scene (next to the Vega inter-lewd) features Casey Nohrman (also called Eyla Moore), playing a bit of a sassy, spoiled babe living in Ibiza, ultimately giving up her “anal virginity” to her lover, played by the lucky Kristoph Cale, in one apocalyptic sequence. Like Vega, Nohrman is not only wildly pretty, but absolutely fucking juicy!

Nohrman gives a wonderfully deep and loving blowjob to Cale next to an impressively expansive private swimming pool, with Cale afterwards fucking her pussy cowgirl, during which, we see a golden butt plug up her anus. Her ‘virginity’ is soon boosted, as Cale removes the plug and crams Cale-cock up her culo during doggie; this is a movie highlight, including numerous gapes.

Like Vega, Nohrman has simply killer ass cheeks. I love her own expressions of pleasure/pain as she looks back at Cale as he ass-invades her. And doggie-anal goes on for a good long time, too! Then, we get missionary-anal, an ATM, reverse-cowgirl-anal, cowgirl-anal (another one of my faves next to doggie, with Nohrman’s wonderfully big — in a grand way — ass wobbling in all of its gelatinous glory), then Cale creaming upon Nohrman’s awaiting tongue. Awesome.

With gorgeous women (especially Vega and Nohrman), choice foreign locales, superb videography, and thoroughly raunchy anal sex, “Views 2” is yet another all-around winner from Get it, watch it, drain yourself with it. Porn at its best!

Synopsis: wants to introduce you to some provocative young women with contemporary VIEWS. This series is back by popular demand to sweep you off to exotic locations and expand your anal sex horizons. Featured cover girl Agatha Vega is vacationing in Paris and falling in love with French culture. While writing home to her boyfriend, she leaves out only the most exotic thing she tried on her trip. Emily Cutie, Eyla Moore, and Angelina Robihood are all acting on their unconventional ideas and loving the results. See the amazing sights, live the scandalous stories, and enjoy the exciting performances that are's speciality. Come for the action, stay for the VIEWS.

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