If It Feels Good, Vol. 3

If It Feels Good, Vol. 3

Kayden Kross presents four scenes from her vast catalog at Deeper.

Scarlit Scandal and Manuel Ferrara (“Delicates”):

Sex in the laundromat has a long fantasy history. The idea of meeting a complete stranger in a public place that could be not-so-public (think about how often you walk into a laundromat and it’s empty) and getting down and dirty in a place designed to get clean resonates with lots of people. Plus, laundromats are one of the few places people can get an eye on panties without being too open about it! That’s exactly what happens here. Scarlit Scandal drops a pair of her skimpy panties unknowingly, and Manuel Ferrara finds them when he comes in to do some laundry of his own. To his surprise, he encounters Scandal when he finds her dropped panties, and the two share a tense verbal joust about their scandalous past. The tension boils over, and before long, the old couple is revisiting their intense fling. Scandal could suck the chrome off a bumper, and Ferrara has always loved pumping a mouth like it’s a pussy. He eventually mounts Scandal on the counter and fucks the hell out of her in a super-hot missionary before she mounts him and rides herself into orgasmic bliss. These two look amazing together, and the standing missionary finish is awesome.

Emily Willis, Oliver Flynn, and Mick Blue (“Fantasy”):

Lying in bed together, Emily Willis and Oliver Flynn are sharing their fantasies with each other. Willis tells Flynn her fantasy is that he brings her a well-hung man, and seeing Willis shudder with sexual anticipation at the mere thought, Flynn agrees. There’s a ton of imagery to start this scene, with moments of toy and anal play against wonderful background shadows. It builds a sexual anticipation that is paid off in spades when Flynn’s choice (Mick Blue) enters the rendezvous. The two studs take Willis apart sexual inch by inch. A scathing DP takes up most of the action here, with Willis reveling in the sensations of being fully stuffed by two stiff dicks.

Angela White and Manuel Ferrara (“Florentine, Part 1”):

A car accident lands Manuel Ferrara under the care of nurses Angela White and Kenzie Anne. White finds herself unable to quell her aching attraction to her mysterious patient, and as the days progress, she becomes more and more enthralled by him. As Ferrara’s strength returns, White becomes bolder, and after a week’s time, her lust cracks through her shield of professionalism. In a moment of hedonistic clarity, she seduces Ferrara. Holy cow, White is an amazing talent! She fucks with her entire body, including her striking eyes, which smolder with sexual ferocity. Everything about this scene is slow and sensual, with White melting into her desire and Ferrara feeding her gently but also, with a controlled frenzy. White gives up her ass almost immediately, and the more Ferrara stretches her ass, the bigger White’s smile gets.

Kenzie Anne and Manuel Ferrara (“Florentine, Part 2”):

After Ferrara and White’s steamy hook-up, Kenzie Anne is seething with jealousy. A sudden clerical change, and Ferrara finds himself under Anne’s care exclusively. With his discharge and a reunification with his wife looming, Anne takes matters into her own hands and commandeers Ferrara’s sex aggressively. Confused and hesitant but helpless to stem his arousal, Ferrara rewards Anne’s forwardness with a vigorous pounding that reduces her to a squirting, quivering, ecstatic mess.

This is a good collection of scenes. Scarlit lights up the screen with her sexual presence, and White shines as she always does. The Florentine story is the most stimulating of the bunch, but the other scenes more than hold their own.


In its third installment of the critically acclaimed series If It Feels Good, Deeper delivers more perfectly crafted vignettes rife with tales of sexual transaction, domination, and manipulation and all connected by the same impulsive and hedonistic thread. Featuring an A-List cast that includes Performers of the Year Angela White and Emily Willis, Best New Starlet Scarlit Scandal, and the year's most breakout new talent, Kenzie Anne. Directed by reigning three-time Director of the Year Kayden Kross.

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