Explicit Acts

Explicit Acts

Slayed offers a glimpse into what happens when lustful ladies are left to their own devices.

Emily Willis and Vanna Bardot:

Laurent Sky directs this photo shoot fantasy that is simple enough on the surface. Emily Willis and Vanna Bardot do an erotic shoot; then, they marvel at the pictures they captured. Looking at the pictures spurs them to have scalding sex. It seems simple, but this scene is so much more. The tone that is set by the opening visuals is mesmerizing, and it elevates the sex in a way you just don’t see that often in the industry today. The viewer can feel the passion and pleasure coursing through the bodies of both performers because of that opening sequence. The strategically placed close-ups of the tongue-flicking action enhance the mood further, practically overwhelming the viewer with a hedonistic fervor. Scenes like this are exactly what Slayed aims to achieve.

Cecilia Lion and Scarlit Scandal:

I love the way director Chef switches the norms of this scene. Scarlit Scandal is a bona fide lady of the night trolling the streets for her next “john.” That “john” comes in the form of the elegantly dressed socialite Cecilia Lion, which is a departure from the players one typically sees in these types of scenarios. And the element that convinces Lion to choose Scandal over the other options? The thick black strap-on she’s sporting under her coat! Again, a tone is set from the jump that is maintained throughout the entire scene. Scandal pumps Lion pretty vigorously, and Lion just melts under her assault. The makeshift dick nearly splits Lion in half, but Scandal shows her little mercy as she pounds her from one position to the next with slutty abandon. It’s really fantastic.

Charlotte Stokely and Lilly Bell:

Charlotte Stokely struts confidently down a nighttime street wearing nothing but lacy black lingerie and an open black overcoat. Her suitcase is full of sexual playthings, and her appointment is one of great importance. From the glittering streets to a lavish bedroom, Stokely goes from strutting her stuff to inhaling blonde beauty Lilly Bell while their domme watches with dismissive approval. Director Laurent Sky loves closeup shots, and there are plenty of them here showcasing every tastebud on Bell’s tongue and every pore on Stokely’s labia as she tastes her. Stokely is such a sublime performer; the look on her face as she slowly traces Bell’s clitoris with her tongue is so erotic. I could honestly watch her all day.

Kiara Cole and Lulu Chu:

Lulu Chu sits (I love the masculine position she takes on the couch) evaluating Kiara Cole’s lingerie. There’s a clear power dynamic between the two, and that dynamic is Chu running shit. The soundtrack is right out of a nightclub, as is the pink backlight — and both work to create an intoxicating atmosphere. It’s impossible not to shudder with joy watching these two cleave to one another. Chu dons a thick strap-on and wrecks Cole in satisfying fashion. Even when Chu lets Cole go down on her, she’s still firmly in control, directing Cole to fuck her with a cool glass dildo while rimming her reverently. Geeez, it’s hot in here!

Slayed is such a good brand. The visual storytelling is so impressive. Sky and Chef both do a great job creating unforgettable sexual experiences, and the top-notch cast crushes every moment. Lesbian porn deserves a brand like this.


SLAYED.com welcomes you to the stunning premier of EXPLICIT ACTS. This series offers a glimpse of how graphic today's young women become when left alone together. Featured cover girls Emily Willis and Vanna Bardot just can't keep things professional. As this pair turns the art world upside down, their dazzling photo shoot develops into a scandalous office affair. Rounding out our executive lineup of experimental ladies are Cecilia Lion, Scarlit Scandal, Charlotte Stokely, Lilly Bell, Lulu Chu, and Kiara Cole. Sapphic starlets, envelope-pushing performances and production values representing the pinnacle of adult entertainment: witness these EXPLICIT ACTS and you'll understand why it's called SLAYED.com.

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