The Art of Anal Sex 14

The Art of Anal Sex 14

It’s yet another outstanding anal-a-thon from the good pervs at, with XXX-pert directors Laurent Sky (shooting “Scenes 1” and “2”) and Julia Grandi (filming “Episodes 3” and “4”) at the horny helm, as our four featured delectable dolls delight in getting their derrieres duly destroyed.

After Oliver Flynn’s character breaks up with his girlfriend because she won’t let him fuck her ass (talk about a hopeless romantic!), he quickly hooks up with her best friend, in the form of super spinner Alexis Tae, who’s more than happy to give up her anus, making for one helluva opening sequence. Tae, as usual, is a total artiste in bed, with not one bad move in the anal department, which includes reverse-cowgirl (watch that gaping butthole amidst Tae’s screams of ecstasy, along with her eyes rolling into the back of her skull, as her perfect pussy is poking right at us), spoon, doggie (check out, too, her wonderfully winking greased-up asshole in X-treme close-up, before Flynn fits in his foot-long inside it, followed by more ass-tounding distensions of her butthole), and finally missionary (Tae truly possesses one pink anus!). Flynn inevitably blows plenty o’ lolly all over Tae’s jolly face. My only complaint is that Tae strokes cock more than she sucks it. Still, she’s one of the best vixens in the biz.

Next, scrumptious brunette Spencer Bradley gets it on with her bigshot executive boss, played by Mick Blue, letting him blast out her own behind in another searing “Art of Anal” scene. Bradley is a fine cocksucker, groaning with pleasure as that hard-on bangs the back of her throat, while offering lots of eye contact. And I’m glad director Laurent doesn’t waste Bradley’s undoubtedly velvety little pussy; Blue fills her up during cowgirl, then moves to her anus during reverse-cowgirl, with Bradley happily beaming whilst gaping. There’s even a return to reverse-cowgirl-anal — after spoon-anal — followed by some smokin’ doggie-anal, with Spencer’s succulent butt cheeks and puffy pussy sticking out. Then, after some more spoon slamming, it’s missionary-anal, with our girl soon begging Blue to “drain that cock all over (her) face.” He does, indeed, getting spunk all over her forehead, cheeks, lips, and hair. “I love feeling your load all over me after you stretched my ass,” she sluttily purrs. Brilliant.

In an excellent scene from redoubtable director Grandi, Stefany Kyler plays a pretty little porn specimen, meeting — and then meating — her sister’s fiancé, Christian Clay, at his luxury pad (when Sis is not around, obviously). The sexy slow-motion shots of Kyler as she takes off her jacket to reveal her skimpy bikini by poolside are hilarious when juxtaposed with the equally slo-mo shots of Clay gawking with slack jaw and bulging eyeballs. The comedic music is effective, too. Our two pervs get down to the nitty gritty the next day in Clay’s bedroom, with Kyler quickly offering her butthole during reverse-cowgirl (she’s such a marvelous spinner), then cowgirl (a fine gaper, too), as well as during both standing and traditional doggie, followed by mish, at which point, Clay explodes inside of her. Volcanic!

And, lastly, nasty Natasha Lapiedra gets her own asshole annihilated by Alberto Blanco, portraying her lucky in-house chef, with director Grandi treating us to an exotic beach background during the initial sexy slo-mo bikini glam shots of Lapiedra and also during the balcony/poolside tryst with Lapiedra and Blanco (the glorious ocean magnificently stretching out in the background). Blanco first busts Lapiedra’s pussy mish style, before shifting downwards and getting deep inside her butthole, followed by ass-fucking à la doggie (she’s a loud, nasty cocksuckette), cowgirl (Lapiedra definitely has the rhythm and is an excellent squatter), and reverse-cowgirl, with Blanco getting a big ol’ load of liquid lovin’ all over her chin, cheek and left eyeball. Good aim, buddy!

This movie is fantastically decadent, but the quaint storylines and excellent videography make it similarly good for curious couples, while all of the lovely, lusty ladies equally shine during their anal blowouts. Recommended!

Synopsis: is back to keep you up to date on THE ART OF ANAL SEX. This series reveals how today's adult ingenues are redefining ass-thetics. Featured cover girl Alexis Tae is looking for a way to pry her best friend's boyfriend away, and she's found it. Alexis's bestie won't try anal... but Alexis is all about that tight fit. Spencer Bradley, Stefany Kyler, and Natasha Lapiedra are all taking anal sex to avant-garde frontiers. Taut storylines, stunning production values, and envelope-pushing performances: true connoisseurs trust to expand THE ART OF ANAL SEX.

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