Hardcore Anal Superstars

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Hardcore Anal Superstars

I jumped to watch this gonzo when I saw that it featured the ever-amazing Violet Starr, who never puts in a bad scene. But “Hardcore Anal Superstars” also includes the formidable oral and backdoor talents of Ashley Lane, Ember Snow, and (another personal fave from the current impressive roster of scrumptious porn starlets) Alexis Tae.

And we start out with the main event: namely, the incomparable Violet Starr, here getting the “Hardcore Anal Superstar” treatment from Zac Wild, who knows precisely how to treat this always-ready-for-action ultra-fox. After she gets her marvelously big ass all lubed up, Starr lets Wild worship both it and her pussy, eventually pulling out her butt plug and feasting on her anus, before she begs for his cock, letting him seriously face-fuck her. It’s amazing watching such a gorgeous young woman get her face totally invaded with a raging hard-on, as well as letting spit get all over the place. “I wanna be your good little butt whore,” she purrs, before she reclines back and lets him fill her asshole with Wild meat via missionary. “Yes, put your hands around my fucking neck while you fuck my fat ass,” she moans as he chokes her. Just for that line alone, you gotta love Starr (after which, for the raunch record, Wild smacks her sweet, undulating tits!).

But there are far more volcanic piston positions with Starr. Check out how she magically works that world-class butt during cowgirl-anal. It’s “jiggle” personified! She likes being kissed, too — and to get further choked, while having her ass even more intensely spanked. She does/loves it all! And Wild knows how to leave her butt alone, not grab-assing her, but letting us fully enjoy that work of tart art. She trampishly imbibes of ATMs, hands-free and balls-deep. I love, too, the nice amount of black bush above her ever-succulent twat. During reverse-cowgirl, Starr becomes incomprehensible from her multiple orgasms. She does gape, but her anus is so tight, it closes right up. Wow! Spoon-anal lets us similarly appreciate that round, curvy, shiny wonder of a butt. Wild looks like he’s found nirvana. No shit. “Oh, it’s so tight for you, baby,” she tells him. And doggie-anal? Fanny-tastic! I also like how she passionately grabs one of his arms when he’s fucking her in various positions. “That cock is so thick in my ass,” she adds in-between open-handed smacks of her bountiful butt. “That asshole is so hungry… Yes, baby, feed my hungry little shithole.” And witness how Wild plasters her entire giggling face with a copious amount of cum, all of which she greedily consumes. “Every last fucking drop. I love it. So beautiful.” She’s even poetic! The best in the biz!

Pretty Ashley Lane (what a gaper!) and the always-welcome, similarly pretty Ember Snow (especially amazing during spoon-anal) are both sights for sore eyes (and blue balls!) as they get their anuses ploughed by veteran vine-swinger Michael Stefano, but it’s the redoubtable Alexis Tae getting her backdoor annihilated by Ramon Nomar which is the other true movie highlight next to Starr’s anal invasion. Nomar almost immediately starts boring her butthole via doggie. “Come on! Come on!” he encourages her in-between ass-cheek smacks. And what a deepthroater she is. “There you go!” Nomar proclaims as Tae gets his raging hard-on cocooned with saliva during one of many major Tae deepthroating sessions. At one point, the saliva just hangs from her chin during reverse-cowgirl-anal. Love it! She’s soon beside herself, groaning, screaming, and telling Nomar “Thank you!” over and over again. Her fine ass is a vision to behold during cowgirl, really working that marvelous bottom (nice squatting action, Alexis!). What a gaper, too! The best in the movie! And after he coats Tae’s still-pretty face with boy batter, Nomar furiously gives her another brief session of doggie-anal. Amazing!

“Hardcore Anal Superstars” is an excellent gonzo title, featuring two of the best buttfuck scenes of the year, care of the beauty and nastiness of both Tae and (have mercy!) Starr! Get it!


Hardcore Anal Superstars” is an excellent gonzo title, featuring two of the best buttfuck scenes of the year, care of the beauty and nastiness of both Tae and (have mercy!) Starr! Get it!

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