Luxure: My Wife's Temptations

Luxure: My Wife's Temptations

This entry into the Luxure series is a modified exploration of the hotwifing kink. Herve Bodilis serves up five fantasies built around an all-star cast, gorgeous locations, and the taboo excitement of sharing one’s wife sexually with someone else.

Ginebra Bellucci, Bella Tina and John Stwo:

Bella Tina and her husband John Stwo have access to a beautiful secluded villa for the weekend, and the young couple can’t wait to spend some time getting away from it all. To Tina’s surprise, when they enter the house, a scantily clad, blindfolded Ginebra Bellucci is standing in the foyer waiting for them. Stwo explains that not only is the house theirs for the weekend, but so is the owner’s wife Ginebra. Eager to try all the amenities, Tina strips down to her own lingerie — and just like that, the threesome is on. Bellucci rides Stwo in a delicious reverse cowgirl before Tina lets him pound her pussy in a modified missionary on the couch. These two ladies both look fantastic, and Stwo not only gets to sample both of their pussies, but they suck him damn near dry at the end.

Clara Mia, Joss Lescaf, and Ricky Mancini:

There is no preamble here; the action opens with Clara Mia bent over Ricky Mancini’s lap, her husband’s thumb deep in her pussy as the couple discusses how careful she’s going to be not to make Joss Lescaf cum too quickly like she did the last time. When Lescaf arrives, he wastes no time, diving into Mia’s pussy with his mouth while Mancini strokes his cock in admiration. Holy cow, does Clara put on the fuck-me eyes in this one! She sucks Lescaf enthusiastically before the well-hung stud starts pumping her from behind as she inhale’s Mancini’s schlong. She takes turns fucking and sucking them both before coaxing Lescaf’s load onto her tits while Mancini pounds away at her. Upon Lescaf’s exit, Mancini gets to drop his load into Mia’s hungry mouth.

Clea Gaultier, Luke Hardy and Joss Lescaf:

Clea Gaultier and her husband Lescaf have a big night planned. They’re bringing another man into their bedroom for the first time, and Gaultier couldn’t be more excited — so much so that she tells Lescaf to let their guest know he can be rough with her. Gaultier begs both men to use her liberally, and they certainly do. It doesn’t take long before Luke Hardy is pumping Gaultier’s asshole while she gorges herself on Lescaf’s dick; then, things naturally progress into a vigorous DP. Man, Gaultier’s got such a great ass, and she looks so good when she performs. She’s a real joy to watch.

Bella Tina, Ricky Mancini, and John Stwo:

This time around, Stwo takes Tina on a sexy car ride, during which, they pick up Mancini. The drive serves as a sexual appetizer as Mancini and Tina masturbate each other while Stwo drives. It’s a very sexy sequence that does a good job setting up the main course. Mancini and Stwo swap back and forth between fucking Tina from behind while she slurps the other’s cock down her throat (my goodness, Tina looks great in cowgirl) before she lets Mancini jack himself onto her ass while Stwo empties his balls onto her shoulder while she looks on.

Tina Kay, Luke Hardy, and Joss Lescaf:

Tina Kay and husband Lescaf are excited about their upcoming evening adventure. Hardy has been chosen by the promiscuous couple to join them in their sexual shenanigans. Her husband’s only request is that she follow her desires, and she does so and then some. A luxurious blowjob for Hardy precedes a pulse-pounding three-way that includes Kay putting on an absolute clinic on riding dick. I mean, those hips! She ends things with a DP that pushes her over the edge of ecstasy.


Bella Tina and her friends love sex in all its forms, especially if they can have sex with several partners.

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