A Very Sinful Christmas

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A Very Sinful Christmas

Here’s a fun feature from Sweet Sinner and Mile High Video involving the amorous Christmastime adventures of the Jones family — who seem to regularly practice infidelity — and the peripheral lovers who come (in more ways than one) in their lusty but light-hearted lair, with exceptionally high points going to cougar extraordinaire Jessica Ryan and her volcanic performance with Nathan Bronson.

At the very start of the story, we see that Codey Steele has been making it in the past with his horny stepsister, played by Maddy May, but he’s trying to curb his lust for mad-for-meat Maddy by focusing on his fiancée, in the delicious form of Freya Parker (whom we see has the hots for Steele’s father, played by Derrick Pierce) in this sizzling opener between Steele and Parker — and on an honest-to-goodness bed, no less! Even without any makeup, Parker is just so cute and scrumptious. Love the big puffy nipples on those perfectly sized breasts. She gives a nice, wet, loud BJ, too. Doggie is terrific in that Steele knows how to perform this crucial position without getting in the way, so as to let us fully enjoy that primo Parker posterior, while missionary shows off those beautiful breasts on Parker as they shake in all their glory (and as the bed creaks as if it’s gonna collapse at any second!).

In my favorite scene, older-and-bolder/juicy-as-hell redhead Ryan, playing Pierce’s on-screen wife, gets it on with her “Christmas present” in the form of Nathan Bronson, with Ryan just being so intensely horny and marvelously passionate. Like Parker, she gives a wet/loud blowjob, going down the full length of Bronson-bone. We get to enjoy her tasty tits during missionary, and her delectable derriere during both cowgirl and (especially!) doggie, with the latter being a true movie highlight, as Bronson just bangs and bangs away at that luscious butt. “Taste my asshole while you fuck me like that,” she pants. He’s happy to do so, putting a finger up her twitchin’ tuchus and licking it good and clean; Bronson inevitably erupts all over that rockin’ Ryan rump!

Saying that she’s going for a car drive with her fiancée’s father, Parker winds up sucking and fucking her lucky soon-to-be-father-in-law in a tasteful hotel room (all white, clean, solar, and warm). The best moments include Parker’s face-fucking à la Derrick-dick; another grand journey down doggie highway (she really does have a choice behind); some grinding cowgirl and hammering missionary (love her breathless sweet-nothings and undulating tits), with Pierce’s prick eventually plastering her pussy with pud paste. Hoo-ray!

Lastly, wearing a sexy-as-hell black leather mini-skirt, Maddy May winds up bedding her brother-in-law, Steele, for one last fling (supposedly), with May giving an amazing deepthroat; providing plenty of eye contact during missionary; squatting up a storm during cowgirl; squealing like a total nymph during doggie; and really rounding it all off magnificently during spoon — after which, Steele blasts jizz all over May’s moister-than-moist muff. And how does it all work out amongst our, for the most part, happily cheating couples? Don’t wanna ruin it for you, but it is a happy ending.

“A Very Sinful Christmas” is an excellent title for couples looking for some guaranteed arousal but also, smiling and laughing a bit (sounds perfectly natural). This highly frolicsome porn romp, expertly written/directed by Jackie St. James and deftly shot by Mike Quasar, is definitely worth a look-see.


Everyone thinks that Christmas is a time for families to celebrate - and while that may be true - its also a time for families to misbehave - especially the Joneses. Unable to stay faithful to their respective partners - this family indulges in affairs that range from standard infidelity to the most bizarre twists youll find in a Christmas movie. Spend every moment getting horny with the horniest family around - the Joneses!

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