Transfixed: Fairest of Them All

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Transfixed: Fairest of Them All

Bree Mills offers the next installment in her “Transfixed” series, this time presenting a retelling of the classic fairy tale “Snow White.”

Fairy tales as a genre work incredibly well with porn because there’s a tone of underlying sexual context that is simply left out of the traditional stories. When adult creators tackle this subject matter, they usually find a wealth of untapped sexual potential available to them, and it allows some impressive re-imaginings. Here, Mills takes some strong liberties with the classic story and injects super kinky yet passionate sex into the story.

Natalie Mars stars as the jealous and conniving queen, while Emily Willis steps into the role of Snow White with a strong emphasis on naive innocence. When her mirror tells her Snow White has surpassed her beauty, the queen hatches a plan to rid herself of the pesky princess and reclaim her status as the most beautiful woman in the land. Conjuring a lust spell on herself and some sexy garments, the queen travels to Snow White’s home to seduce her and steal her away from Prince Charming forever. The story is told in two parts; the first is the queen’s gambit to snare the naive princess, and the second is Prince Charming’s daring gambit to save his one true love. The diminutive size of the cast requires everyone involved to deliver a strong performance because there’s no one to hide behind, and all three members are up to the task. Willis is believably innocent, Mars is disgustingly vile, and Colle slides nicely into the hero’s role. The locations also go a long way towards building the fantasy, and all that allows the sex to shine when it’s time.

Speaking of the sex, it certainly does shine. Mars is surprisingly gentle with Willis as her cursed clothing works its magic on Willis’ libido. She caresses her face lovingly, runs her hands along Willis’ body softly, and strokes Willis’ hair gently as the young princess sucks her cock happily. Willis, in turn, trembles under Mars’ relentless tongue, and she rides the evil queen hard and fast in response. There’s also lots of foot worship here, with both ladies stuffing the other’s well-manicured toes down their respective throats.

When Prince Charming arrives and sees what has become of his wholesome love, he throws down the gauntlet of challenge to the wicked queen. Whichever of them can make Snow White cum the hardest will have her love forever — a challenge the queen readily accepts. Snow White, still under the horny spell from the cursed clothes, is up for anything, and a kinky threesome ensues. Here, Colle and Mars are both more aggressive, and Willis simply lays back and reaps the benefits of their aggression. Both Colle and Mars alternate between choking Willis with their stiff dicks, and burying their faces in her wet pussy. Willis and Colle also revel in wolfing down Mars’ rock-hard cock, and Mars takes her own turn slurping Colle’s dick hungrily as well. Everyone gets a turn, though Willis certainly gets the lion’s share. Colle does take a turn pounding Mars’ ass before he makes Willis crumble with orgasms as he fucks her pussy lustfully.

The story ends with a nice twist that is common in these adult retellings of childhood fairy tales. Overall, this is a well-executed story that features some stimulating sex. A perfect way to spend an evening!


Adult Time proudly presents "Fairest of Them All", a Transfixed Story Showcase starring reigning female performer of the year Emily Willis in her first ever trans sex experience. Written and directed by the award-winning Bree Mills and co-starring Natalie Mars and Dante Colle, Fairest of Them All is an epic two-part fantasy inspired by the original folk tale of Snow White and the Evil Queen.

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