Good Girls
Good Girls

In four stories, each having a provocative dark side to them, we witness some of the tastiest new porn talent in filthy action, including such stunners as Aila Donovan and Avery Cristy, all care of the impressively intuitive pervs at

First up, in “Vicarious,” Manuel Ferrara plays the husband of Aila Donovan (she’s so delicious-looking, with svelte body, big eyelashes and cute nose); wherein we get the impression (after Ferrara says to her in private, “You know, this is all I have”) that he can only receive pleasure by watching Donovan with other men — in this case, longtime veterans Michael Stefano and Mick Blue, with one nuclear threesome quickly exploding, as Ferrara watches (unbeknownst to the well-dressed male fuckers) the whole thing live on camera. Earlier on, Donovan angrily tells Ferrara that she finds no pleasure in doing what he asks of her. So, we get the impression that she wants to be loyal, but she also wants to please her hubby.

Donovan looks fabulous even whilst getting righteously face-fucked by each guy. Doggie with Donovan — as she gags on the second guy’s prick — is outstanding; and both missionary and reverse-cowgirl (with each guy separately) let us fully enjoy this ultra-fox’s superb looks. Donovan magnificently takes both cum loads upon her oh-so-pretty face. The story ends with a nice twist ending, too.

In “Reason,” gorgeous Avery Cristy meets a stranger online: the returning Ferrara, with the two only communicating via text messaging, making their early interaction all the more bizarre. The characters eventually meet in person, and we see that Cristy is way submissive, giving in to Ferrara’s kinky wants. “Did you think that being a pretty girl is enough?” he asks Avery when she comes to his luxurious home, before sexually taunting Cristy and spanking her, but eventually feeding his prick to her. Ferrara chokes Cristy while banging her missionary style and lets her show off her fine fanny while she sweatily rides him cowgirl and later, when he slams her doggie — with much cock-gagging in-between. Cristy actually looks as if she’s breaking down with tears of pleasure during missionary and spoon, with Ferrara having her suck him off to eruption and the sheer volume of cum cocooning her pretty face and silky brown hair.

In “Why We Stay,” Michael Stefano plays a husband having tense relations with his wife, who accuses him of cheating on their poor marriage, with the somewhat suspenseful story effectively unfolding in flashbacks — during which, Stefano gets it on with one of his visiting tarts, in the form of spinner Alexis Tae, who sucks dick quite well, and looks fantastic in all positions (she’s just so passionate!). Tae soon takes it up the ass after some spirited doggie-vadge; cowgirl-anal is particularly memorable, while it’s also awesome seeing Tae’s eyeballs roll into the back of her skull as she sluttily offers up deepthroat ATMs. And what happens to Stefano’s rocky marriage? Gotta tune in and see for yourself.

Lastly, in “Mic Drop,” the very pretty Liz Jordan is given instructions from her unseen boss to show off her skills by arranging/decorating a fancy business party all by herself; her boss, played by the ever-returning Ferrara, unexpectedly shows up alone when she’s testing out the on-stage microphone and is making a speech about how much she’d like to fuck her manager. And Ferrara lets her live out her fantasy as both of them hump like animals on stage, the best positions being cowgirl (what an amazing ass on Jordan!) and doggie (ditto, though she also has a marvelously puffy pussy). Jordan does, however, eventually take it right up her ass for at least a third of the scene, with reverse-cowgirl (shot from Ferrara’s angle) and doggie (again, she’s got that superb backside!) being stand-out positions. And Jordan definitely knows how to suck a prick balls-deep, too!

Threesomes, anal sex, kinkiness, suspense, atmosphere — “Good Girls” is loaded with excellent surprises, as all four mouthwateringly scrumptious starlets brilliantly prove that they’ve each got a naughty/nasty side to ‘em.


Ken Shiro's debute vignette collection for features four tales of women who are desperate to please. Aila Donovan helps her husband experience his sexual fantasies through her as he watches from home in Vicarious Alexis Tae helps a wife undo her husband in Why We Stay (featuring a guest appearance from Deeper Contract Star Maitland Ward).

Liz Jordan vents about her crush on her boss when she thinks she's alone in Mic Drop, and in a compelling finale. Avery Cristy completes a series of tasks she is put up to by a man she met online. Each new ask raises the stakes as Avery drives hungrily in with the understanding that if she passes his tests she will be allowed to see him in person. All do perfectly as they're told.

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