Mistress Maitland 2

Mistress Maitland 2

Finally free of her predatory husband, Maitland Ward takes the stage and weaves enchanting tales of her sexual conquests as a ferociously virile dominatrix.

Maitland Ward, Emily Willis, and Mick Blue (“Safety in Numbers”):

The tale begins with Maitland Ward firmly in charge of her world, beguiling audiences from her stage with her story. She recounts the lesson she learned from her father about hunters and prey, assuring the audience that she’s always been a hunter. To wit, a helpless and obedient Emily Willis lies trapped in Ward’s basement, patiently waiting to bend to her master’s whim. After punishing Willis for not complying with her anal training, Ward brings in a mope to ravage her in the form of Mick Blue. Holy smokes, do they do a number on Willis, who begs for more at every turn. The sex opens with Blue jackhammering Willis’ mouth, and that tone is maintained throughout the scene. Whether it’s Willis hungrily filling her mouth with Ward’s pussy or Blue’s cock or Blue pounding the asses of both ladies greedily, the entire scene is awash with thrashing, thrusting, writhing bodies pushed beyond the edge of ecstasy.

Maitland Ward, Bridgette B. and Nathan Bronson (“Overtaken”):

This tale recounts Ward’s ascension from the world of sub to the domme mountaintop. In service to Bridgette B., something inside Ward snaps, and she realizes what kind of power she truly craves and how to achieve it. Openly defying her mistress, Ward not only refuses to obey, but she asserts her own brand of dominance over Bridgette’s other sub Nathan Bronson. Desperate to maintain her control, Bridgette tries everything she can think of to keep Bronson under control, but Ward’s volcanic aura is too much for him to resist. Ward is practically drunk with power and pleasure for the entirety of this scene, and the more Bridgette tries to will Bronson back under her power, the stronger Ward grows. She is shamelessly wanton (the face-down-ass-up doggies are incredible) and slutty and gleeful all at once. The climax sees Bridgette completely overwhelmed by Ward’s aggression and Bronson powerless to resist her.

Maitland Ward, Kayden Kross and Troy Francisco (“Delegate”):

After watching hotel owner Kayden Kross eviscerate one of her employees for their incompetence, Ward believes she’s found a potential new charge; a protege of sorts. Eager to see what the blonde viper can do, Ward invites Kross into her hotel room for a crash course in domineering. Holy shit, Ward and Kross are ravenous in this scene! Every lick of the tongue on their clits drips with unquenchable lust. Every slurp of Francisco’s dick is drenched with barely contained hunger. Every penetration is a carnal shove towards the brink of destruction by ecstasy. Ward just about explodes under the power of her visceral orgasms as Kross basks in the introduction to her new life.

Maitland Ward, Lulu Chu, April Olsen, Jasmine Wilde and Isaiah Maxwell (“Teeth”):

A phantom costume party is the backdrop for Ward’s final tale of the evening. She explains the power of her power; how she wields it and what it can do for her. Isaiah Maxwell is her willing mope, and he gets serviced by Maitland’s other willing subs Lulu Chu, April Olsen, and Jasmine Wilde, while the rest of the mysterious party-goers look on passively behind their masks. Props to Maxwell for having the stamina to fuck all four of these bodacious women with equal vim and vigor. Each of them gets a turn, and nobody gets left out.

Kross has solidified herself as one of the top feature directors in porn, and movies like this are a perfect example of her skill. She knows how to create tone, capture emotion, and arouse her audience through visual flair, dynamic dialogue, and compelling storytelling. Ward is an absolute star whose pinnacle is too high for anyone to see. Make room on the trophy case because this movie is winning something this awards season.


Maitland Ward returns in her larger than life persona as Mistress Maitland, a mysterious femme fatale with a penchant for games. Relieved now of her husband, Ward looks back at the moments that made her who she is as she leads an audience through her journey from a curious submissive to a queen of dommes with a string of delegates and sexual destruction in her wake. Starring in each of these four perfectly formed scenes, Ward proves once again that she is a master at her craft.

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