XBIZ Europa’s reigning “Female Performer of the Year” Jia Lissa and “Director of the Year” Julia Grandi team up to present a one-of-a-kind crossover showcase. Featuring scenes inspired by the Blacked, Tushy and Vixen brands, “Jia” makes a compelling argument to be considered the showcase of the year.

Jia Lissa, Agatha Vega and Chris Diamond:

Lissa and her boyfriend Christian Clay have hit a rut in their relationship. Feeling frustrated and trapped, Lissa reaches her breaking point one night and storms out of Clay’s life. Finally free, Lissa rediscovers her passion for life as she jet sets across the Mediterranean island countryside. During her newfound freedom, Lissa meets Agatha Vega on a beautiful beach — and the young woman invites her to share an adventure. This scene shines against the backdrop of gorgeous locations. The crisp, turquoise water, the clear sky, the lush green trees — it’s a true island paradise. Lissa, Vega and Chris Diamond feed such fantasies masterfully as they fuck passionately on a secluded beach surrounded by white sand and the soft sound of waves lapping against the shore.

Jia Lissa, Darrel Deeps and Little Dragon:

As Lissa waits in the Vixen office, she reminisces about another post-Christian adventure. She’d had more than one late- night rendezvous with her friend Little Dragon and whatever partner Dragon had scrounged up for the night. One afternoon, Lissa sees a handsome gentleman and decides she’d like to be the one who picks the male toy for once. After an inspiring conversation, Lissa makes her move, kissing Darrel Deeps passionately to convince him to spend the evening with her and Dragon. This is another fun three-way that pits two hungry kittens and one piece of man meat together in a scalding sexcapade. Dragon works herself into a frothy frenzy riding Deeps’ dick in reverse cowgirl, and her fun continues with a vigorous fucking from behind as Lissa looks on gleefully.

Jia Lissa, Sonya Blaze and Manuel Ferrara:

Lissa reminisces about meeting her old friend Manuel Ferrara for coffee and seeing him with a hot young lady she doesn’t recognize. After enjoying each other in bed, Ferrara asks Lissa to take the mysterious woman out on the town and immerse her in the French fashion scene. The ladies meet for afternoon shopping, and Sonya Blaze assures Lissa she’s just looking for a good time. As long as everyone understands that, nobody gets hurt. That’s good enough for Lissa and Ferrara, and the old friends bring Blaze into their raunchy bed in grand style. Folks, this threesome takes place in a room with giant windows that face the freaking Eiffel Tower! I mean, come on! Lissa gets the lion’s share of the action here as Ferrara hammers her to pieces while Blaze champions him with her yearning eyes and lustful moans.

Jia Lissa and Christian Clay:

Lissa smiles as she remembers Ferrara telling her that burned bridges can sometimes still be repaired. His advice leads the story back to present day, where we discover that Lissa has decided to find Clay after her sexual awakening and give their relationship one more shot at the resort in the Alps where they first met. Of course, Clay is in favor of a reunion, but this time, Lissa makes the rules. It’s no mistake that this showcase saves the anal for last, as Lissa absolutely shines in the final act of the tale. She is open and aching to have Clay’s massive cock in her ass, and the entire experience plays like a sexual liberation. Lissa practically glows as Clay pumps her ass gently, and the more he fucks her, the more she fucks him back.

This is a fabulous showcase for a bona fide up-and-coming star in Jia Lissa. Her fans have waited a long time for her to truly stand in the spotlight like the star she is, and Vixen has given her the perfect vehicle to announce her arrival to stardom to the industry.


VIXEN proudly presents JIA, the highly anticipated anal debut of international superstar Jia Lissa. After spontaneously ending a long-term relationship, Jia finds herself on her own for the first time in a while. While she leaves in tears, the break-up is bittersweet - as she is eager to experience everything the world has to offer. Without a plan in mind, Jia sells all her valuables and sets off on a globe-trotting journey that would change her life forever. From the Italian Alps, a private Island in the Maldives, the azure coastlines of Greece, and a life of luxury in Paris - Jia's erotic experiences shape her from a nave wanderlustee to a sophisticated woman of the world. Also starring, Agatha Vega, Little Dragon, and Sonya Blaze - a supporting cast you won't find anywhere else. This groundbreaking series is sure to leave an indelible mark on the industry for years to come. Culminating in her first anal performance, experience first-hand Jia's unforgettable erotic journey of self-discovery!

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