Girls Lovin Girls 2

Digital Sin
Girls Lovin Girls 2

Digital Sin and director Eddie Powell present four scenes dripping with the sweet fantasy that is lesbian sex.

Alina Lopez and Charlotte Sins:

An exasperated Charlotte Sins flops down on the bed, lamenting yet another failed relationship. At her wit’s end, the young beauty hints to her friend Alina Lopez that she might just be done with men altogether. Sensing an opportunity, Lopez suggests Sins give women a try — an idea that Sins initially recoils from. But a tender kiss from Lopez makes Sins reconsider her options. Sins and Lopez are both incredibly pretty, making this pairing a hit from the start. Director Eddie Powell excels at telling these short stories that incorporate sex; we get just enough background to care about the characters before getting into the steamy action. And boy, is it ever steamy! The way Lopez cradles Sins lovingly while vibing her clit with her Hitachi wand is very intimate, and when Sins wraps Lopez’s ass in her embrace and rubs her to a powerful orgasm, you can sense the connection between the two friends.

Mila Monet and Vanessa Sky:

Vanessa Sky mopes into her roommate’s room, dejected and forlorn and lamenting the apparent end of her relationship with her girlfriend. “She said she just needed space,” Sky groans. “I think it’s over. And the thought of getting back into the dating pool is so depressing.” Sensing a window of opportunity, Monet smiles at her friend coyly: “Not if the person is in the next room.” And with that, this naughty tryst is off! These ladies do have fun with one another, both their faces lit with genuine smiles as they revel in their tongues on each other’s clits. I love the way the camera roved around them as they pleasured each other, capturing some fantastic angles of the action. There are multiple instances of face-sitting that scorch the screen, and in the opening moments, Monet rocks herself back and forth on Sky’s tongue in a sultry manner that really sets the tone for the whole scene.

Kuleana and Jane Wilde:

Jane Wilde wakes up next to a glowing Kuleana (formerly known as Violet Starr) after a steamy night of fun. Certain that she’s overstayed her welcome, Wilde tries to sneak out, but Kuleana awakens and asks her to stay. I must say, these two spend a lot of time worshipping each other’s tits, and it is glorious. I’m talking full-on engulfing-the-entire-breast-in-their-mouths type of worship, and that’s something that often gets overlooked. The loving attention continues when Kuleana buries her face in Wilde’s soft pussy. She licks at her slowly, savoring every drop of wetness, reveling in Wilde’s soft moans and writhing body. Wilde returns the favor, and Kuleana smiles wildly between her eye-rolling orgasm as Wilde assaults her clit with her entire mouth.

Ember Snow and Milana Ricci:

The tension between estranged former lovers Ember Snow and Milana Ricci is thick enough to cut with a knife. Snow finds herself wallowing at home in despair, wishing she and Ricci were still together. When Ricci gets a call from her most recent dating partner, Snow can’t stand it anymore and pleads her case to her ex-girlfriend. As it turns out, Ricci is willing to wade back into the sexual nature of their relationship one last time. There is a fantastic moment early on where Ricci enthusiastically fingers Snow from behind, and it really steams up the screen. Snow’s gorgeous ass is on display, and Ricci’s genuine smile shows just how much she’s enjoying herself. Watching Snow ride Ricci’s face while fingering her is also wonderful.

This is another fine collection from Powell and Digital Sin. Every scene delivers, though Wilde and Kuleana truly steal the show here. There are some very sexy visuals in each scene, and those moments really elevate the action.


After going out on a string of bad dates, Charlotte Sins finds love at home with best friend Alina Lopez. Feuding roommates Ember Snow and Milana Ricci agree to make love not war for the duration of their apartment lease. Hookup Jane Wilde fears she's overstayed her welcome until Kuleana gets her back into bed. Mila Monet convinces Vanessa Sky to sleep with her to piss off her ex. Girls lovin girls is always, sexy trouble!

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