Luxure: My Wife's Obsessions

Luxure: My Wife's Obsessions

Overview: Dorcel’s Luxure brand is built on the idea of sordid stories told with stunning visual fidelity. Exotic locales and erotic action combine to create a wonderful sexual experience.

Ginebra Bellucci, Ricky Mancini and Axel Reed:

Ginebra Bellucci and Ricky Mancini fondle each other passionately before Mancini cuffs her and the couple retreats to their chambers. Mancini departs, leaving Bellucci to prime her pussy with her fingers. Before long, her husband returns with Axel Reed, and the two gentlemen devour Bellucci with their eyes as the whorish wife rubs her clit slowly. Eventually, she slides Reed’s cock down her throat while Mancini fingers her asshole. Unable to hold himself back any longer, Reed pushes his thick cock into Ginebra’s ass and pumps her rhythmically while she engulfs Mancini’s shaft. The action ends on a high note as Mancini finally gets his turn to fuck his wife’s ass while Reed pistons her pussy in a delicious DP.

Bella Tina, Clara Mia and John Stwo:

Bella Tina and her husband John Stwo keep their passion alive by showering each other with gifts. Of course, their favorite gifts are of the carnal variety! On this particular night, Tina wants to spoil Stwo with a surprise. Enlisting the help of her friend Clara Mia, Tina offers her husband the chance to fuck them both. There’s a lot of intimacy here, particularly in the way both ladies cradle and fondle each other when they’re getting fucked. Mia looks especially enveloped in the excitement of the encounter, surrendering herself to the mental and physical pleasure of fucking her friend’s husband.

Tiffany Leiddi, Ricky Mancini and Joss Lescaf:

Ricky Mancini loves sharing his wife with other men, and she revels in the debauchery. Tonight, he’s decided to participate, and Tiffany Leiddi couldn’t be more excited. After binding her wrists with a pair of sexy leather cuffs, Mancini leads her into the bedroom, where Joss Lescaf awaits. Leiddi devours his dick, sliding his massive meat down her throat easily. She mounts him in reverse cowgirl (what a great body Leiddi has!) and lets him pound away while teasing her husband with lustful eyes and lascivious moans. Eventually, Mancini gets involved, fucking her vigorously from behind while she chokes on Lescaf’s dick. Leiddi’s beautiful breasts get covered in dueling ejaculations in a climactic finish.

Tina Kay, Luke Hardy, Ricky Mancini and Joss Lescaf:

Luke Hardy has invited a couple of co-workers to dinner to experience a particular brand of entertainment he enjoys with his wife Tina Kay, who worries that the collar, leash and jeweled butt plug might be a bit much. But ever the dedicated wife, Kay promises the night will be a smashing success. The lighting here is really great; the shadows in the background create a sultry mood, while the performers themselves are softly lit to enhance the intimacy. Hardy and Lescaf inhale Kay in a hedonistic haze while her breathy moans let the audience know just how desperate she is to be ravaged. With her butt plug firmly intact, Kay fills her slutty mouth with the nearest dick that’s not pumping her pussy like a piston.

Ginebra Bellucci, Axel Reed, and Luke Hardy:

Bellucci’s husband is often out of town on business, making it difficult to keep their passion hot in the bedroom. The couple’s solution is to seek out sexual satisfaction with random partners when they’re apart, then tell each other about their carnal adventures once they’re together again. This time, Bellucci decides to film everything so that her husband can see her wantonness first hand. There’s a strong POV vibe here as Bellucci purposely looks at the camera often, putting the audience in the role of her husband. There’s plenty of swapping, and both studs get equal time to pound her pussy.

Dorcel’s Luxure brand always delivers, and this film is no exception. Bellucci shines in her two scenes, while Mia and Leiddi both turn in scorching performances.


For these couples, pleasure is only worthwhile if it is shared, whether with another man, another woman or even several partners at once.

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