Tell Her
Tell Her

Mick Blue plays a cheating husband, who’s also a submissive (that’s a change of pace for Monsieur Blue!) caught between his domineering wife, played by Blair Williams, and his diva-esque mistress in the form of Emma Starletto — with plenty of apocalyptic sex ensuing. And Lily Larimar is later thrown into the marvelously murky mix for good horny measure, making “Tell Her” one damn arousing feature from

After Blue’s wife Blair discovers a love note from his mistress, she makes the weak-willed perv pay both mentally and physically, wearing him out by sucking and fucking his dick to the bone. Williams can really hack on cock, with no hands, while she truly soars during cowgirl and (especially!) doggie, made all the hornier thanks to her brilliant ass (which looks all the more mouthwatering when it’s shiny from sweat) and sweet, puffy pussy. Blue ultimately blows his nut onto her feet after Williams rides him reverse-cowgirl. And I gotta admit, Blue plays a submissive extremely well!

Next, back at his mistress’s pad, Blue gets some major sucking and fucking from tantalizing Starletto. And if you think cowgirl with Williams was amazing, wait until you see it with Starletto. Wow! Ditto for doggie! I love the fact, too, that she wears her garters during the entirety of the scene, really accentuating the lusciousness of her ass cheeks. Starletto is also a wonderfully sleepy groaner! Even a traditional position like missionary is quite the revelation with a slurp-worthy stunner like Starletto, who provides intense passion and major eye contact throughout; Blue eventually spews all over that pretty Starletto mug.

Back at the ranch, Blue is forced to do the cuckold thing when his slutty, dominant wife — fed up with his extramarital antics — has him watch her get powerfully fucked by her toy for the moment, played by Jax Slayher. Check out how Williams deepthroats Slayher’s behemoth of a boner, getting her eyes deep, bloodshot red. Man! What a movie highlight! What talent! There is lots and lots of spit, and she’s also wearing a way-horny latex outfit that suits her oh so well. Standing cowgirl with Williams is phenomenal, followed by standing doggie. She magically works her pussy during reverse-cowgirl and spins around and around that massive Slayher meat (nice view of the city in the background, too), at which point, she tells her tortured hubby, “Watch him fill it up!” I love, too, how her big tits spill out on either side of her outfit and her meaty thighs are right in our face. Then, it’s another movie highlight with doggie, as Slayher mercilessly pounds her pussy, her hefty hooters swaying like crazy, while Williams’ scrumptious ass gets totally wet and glistening again with sweat. Mama! Her expressions of dreamy lust while being choked and doggie-pumped are killer. Squatting cowgirl is equally cock-busting, with Slayher returning to doggie (watch Williams’ expressions of hate and defiance as she stares at Blue), before releasing his liquid lust all over her tongue.

And we end with a fiery threesome ‘tween Blue, Starletto and tasty pixie Lily Larimar back at Starletto’s pad. The double suck between Starletto and Larimar is magnificent. Cowgirl with Starletto, as Larimar sits on Blue’s face, is fab, as is fierce doggie with Larimar, with both women helping out in the oral department when the other is getting her vadge thoroughly McDicked. Doggie with Starletto as Larimar licks twat, shaft and balls beneath the action is brilliant, with a potent Starletto face-fucking leading to Blue’s release of jizz all over their tongues and faces.

So, who wins? The wife? The mistress? Tune in and find out for yourself. It’s an unexpected, kinky, not-for-the-feint-of-heart ending that’s totally appropriate.

While the sex in “Tell Her” is hard, sweaty and fierce enough to satisfy deeply hardcore viewers, the movie is also so tastefully shot (with some truly choice, effective lighting, always warm solar) and well-acted that it’s equally palatable for couples. Williams, Starletto and Larimar are looking as delicious as ever, while delivering fantastically decadent performances.


A wealthy sub is pulled apart by warring doms as his wife and his mistress trade messages using him as both pawn and courier. As the game escalates, the man learns that brats don't want to win; they want to struggle. They want to land on their knees, but not willingly. Only one woman ultimately proves to be a true dominant.

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