Sugar and Spice

Sugar and Spice

Tina (Emma Hix) and Justin (Smooth) find themselves in the market for a live-in chef due to their hectic lifestyle. When Mia (Whitney Wright) applies for the position, the couple is completely smitten by her. Excited to secure her services for the long term, Tina and Justin decide to immerse Mia in their sexually liberated lifestyle. The only question is, will meek Mia be able to handle their debauchery, or will she retreat from their brazenness and her own curiosity?

The winning combination of Kay Brandt and Dorcel returns in this feature film that uses food as a vehicle for sexual discovery. Brandt weaves a complex tale that will require the audience to pay attention, but the payoff is certainly satisfying. Hix was perfectly cast, and everyone else really seems to feed off her performance. Paige Owens also does a nice job representing Mia’s possible future in Tina and Justin’s world. I thought her character added a nice hint of drama to the story, and I thought Owens pulled the character off with aplomb.

Holy smokes, there’s a lot of sex in this movie! Honestly, this is the most sex I’ve seen in any porn project since probably sometime last year. Emma and Paige have an incredibly sensual scene that starts out with some student/teacher roleplay before transitioning to a romantic pussy feast in a tub filled with rose petals. Their sex is super hot, and everything that happens in the tub is a winner.

The two horny honeys handle each other again for Justin’s pleasure when he comes home from work, and the sexy stud can’t help but join in. This time, Hix settles onto the couch and rubs herself slowly while Jay Smooth pounds Owens’ tight ass on the bed. Quick note: Owens has an awesome ass!

After landing the job, Mia is immediately inundated with the sex life of her employers. Paige and her boyfriend Stirling Cooper fuck upstairs in one of the bedrooms while Tina and Justin get it on in his office. Left to her own devices, Mia goes searching for someone to show her to her room and overhears Tina and Justin fucking. She gets so excited, she decides to take care of herself via masturbation, and it’s wonderful.

Before long, Mia finds herself explaining how she feels about the promiscuous lifestyle of her employers, to which, she responds with a tale from her own past. Mia reveals that she used to fuck a married couple (Robby Echo and Emily Willis), but due to unfortunate circumstances, they broke the relationship off. Mia recounting one of her many threesomes with Echo and Willis is great. From start to finish, Willis controls Mia and directs her on when to kiss, when to fondle, and when to all out inhale.

Tina ends up hooking up with family friend Ramon Nomar and her fiancé Justin in a slightly aggressive three-way. Hix looks downright stunning with her legs open and cocks stuffing her pussy and mouth simultaneously, and she handles the entire thing like the wanton professional she is.

The sex concludes with Mia, Paige, Tina, Justin, and Stirling Cooper fucking each other with reckless abandon. This scene is great because it really showcases Wright’s strength as a performer. She never gets lost and always has at least one dick inside her or some combination of fingers and tongue annihilating her clit.

This is a good story that is told against the backdrop of culinary consternation. There’s the story of the exorbitant couple who chooses the luxury of life in the upper class, there’s the story of Mia trying to figure out where she fits into this world both professionally and personally, and there’s the sexual fantasy of an open relationship. The cast assembled by Kay Brandt is really spectacular, and the story is filled with plot twists and narrative beats that will be more appreciated by those who give the non-sex scenes equal attention.


Tina and Justin are a very liberated couple whose promiscuous ways may surprise you.

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