The Deeper Theater is home to a host of performers who bring torrid fantasies to life on their stage. Kayden Kross, Mistress Iris and Johnny Faith invite you to experience a taste of what goes on at the theater both onstage and behind the scenes.

Riley Reid and Ryan Reid (“Bad Company”):

Ryan and Riley are longtime friends who work together as janitors at the Deeper Theater. When the duo is called to clean the stage, they walk in on a mesmerizing rehearsal between Kayden Kross and Maitland Ward. The intense eroticism of the routine awakens something inside them, and once the performers depart, the two friends descend upon each other hungrily. There are some nice angles in this scene, most of them featuring one of the ladies leaning back on her haunches, legs splayed, while the other leans in and licks her pussy like an ice cream cone. The stunning sequence where Riley cradles Ryan from behind and fingers her to ecstasy is by far the highlight of the scene.

Cecilia Lion, Oliver Flynn, and Dillon Diaz (“How We Met”):

Cecilia Lion recounts the way she and her current boyfriend met. Despite her desire to push sexual boundaries, she always seemed to let him (Dillon Diaz) decide where and when to push. One night while on a date at the Deeper Theater, she encounters Oliver Flynn, and something in her switches. In a moment, she goes from sub to domme, stripping down and demanding Diaz tell her something he’s always wanted her to do. He timidly admits he wants her to suck a stranger’s cock, and ol’ Oliver is available! This scene is beautiful. The lighting is amazing, the hunger between Lion and Flynn is thick, and the intensity of the cuck fantasy is strong. The high point is Lion riding Flynn on the illuminated steps while Diaz watches helplessly.

Haley Reed and Troy Francisco (“Off Script”):

Haley Reed sticks around after everyone in the theater has gone home, hoping to take advantage of the privacy so she can practice. As she sorts the costumes, she comes across a picture of Flynn and pauses, clearly enraptured by the chiseled performer. Her daydream is interrupted by a smartly dressed Troy Francisco, who has an audition scheduled. Seeing an opportunity, Reed takes advantage of their privacy to see what Francisco’s got. The red curtain plays perfectly against Reed’s red robe, and the contrasting shadows create a glamorous setting. Francisco pile drives Reed’s ass into ecstasy as she wantonly eggs him on with her dirty talk; at one point, she’s riding him while he fondles her clit aggressively — and she cums her brains out. I love the fact that instead of focusing on the penetration, the camera stayed steady on Reed’s face, allowing the audience to witness the full breadth of her pleasure.

Kiara Cole and Manuel Ferrara (“Dress Rehearsal”):

The final tale is a classic. Kiara Cole is shocked to learn she’s been chosen as the lead for an upcoming show considering how ill-fitting she thinks she is for the part, but there’s no way she can pass up an opportunity to perform in front of an audience with Manuel Ferrara. Frustrated with her inability to deliver her lines, Cole decides to relax by masturbating in her dressing room before rehearsal. When Ferrara walks in on her, she gets a private rehearsal that makes her realize what it takes to be on the stage. Ferrara dominates Cole from the opening bell here. He manhandles her around the dressing room roughly, face fucks her mercilessly, and pumps her pussy without respite.

If studios are going to shoot loosely related scenes instead of full features, this is my preferred method of execution. The framed narrative allows all of these scenes to exist in the same world, but not necessarily at the same time; these stories could take place on the same day or years apart. Every sex scene carries its own unique intensity, providing a perfect variety for the audience.


Every flirtation is an audition and every hookup a dress rehearsal in this new collection of stylized vignettes from Haley shows Troy how most people make it when he stumbles into the theater where she performs, hoping for a role somewhere too in Off Script. Kiara is an understudy overwhelmed bu the influence of her costar when she's called in at the last minute for the show in Dress Rehearsal. Cecilia describes the time her boyfriend dared her to suck a stranger's cock one rainy night in a seedy theater on the wrong side of town in How We Met. Finally, best friends Riley and Ryan sit in on a closed rehearsal at the theater where they work. The effect of the show guarantees that they'll never see each other the same way. All pairings prove to be show stopping as each character rises to an unexpected role.

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