Model Time, Vol. 12

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Model Time, Vol. 12

Bree Mills conceptualized “Model Time” as an avenue for independent content creators to showcase their filmmaking, performing and creator skills for a large audience. “Vol. 12” boasts some very unique offerings as well as some more traditional fare.

“Mr. and Mrs. Sloppy”:

This adventurous couple shares the intimate side of their lives, including how long they’ve been together, how they’ve managed to make their relationship last, and how they approach shooting the sexual content. I think the coolest thing about their admissions is how they balance parenthood and adult content. Mrs. Sloppy is beautifully curvy and bounces in all the fun places. She performs a nice tease for her audience before her partner enters the fray and raises the temperature. Anal fingering and hungry cunnilingus serve as a nice appetizer to the penetration. The couple also engages in the most unique missionary I’ve ever seen, and it was honestly the highlight of the action for me.

“Single Lady Sex Stories” (Christina Shine and Zsolt Abraham):

Christina Shine is a bride-to-be who visits wedding coordinator Zsolt Abraham based on the recommendation of a friend in this fantasy, written and directed by Zsolt himself. As Shine is browsing through his portfolio, Zsolt whips his dick out and asks if Shine is interested in the special rate. Ha! Of course, she is! Shine has a great body. She’s taut but also curvy, and it’s very easy to watch her work. She’s most pleasing bent over Zsolt’s desk with her leg up so that the audience can see her pussy getting pounded, but she also looks pretty great in cowgirl and executes the position effortlessly.

“Slumber Party Seduction” (Cam Damage and Ravyn Alexa):

Written and directed by Cam Damage, this scene tells the story of an afternoon hookup between friends. When Ravyn Alexa stops by her friend Damage’s house to hang out, she’s got one thing on her mind. Unfortunately, Damage’s face is stuck in their phone, and Alexa realizes she’ll have to take more drastic measures to get her friend’s attention. She heads upstairs and strips down to her sexy, naughty lingerie, then settles in and waits. After some time, Damage realizes that Alexa has been gone a while and goes to check on her. They find her ready for something kinky, and Damage — not one to disappoint — grabs a toy and blows Alexa’s expectations away. Damage stuffs their thick dildo in their boxers and fucks Alexa like a boss. On more than one occasion, Alexa’s body shudders with pleasure as she reaches climax after climax, and Damage grins like a naughty slut the whole time.

“Aerial Hammock Masturbation” (Cat Asstrophe):

This scene is conceptualized by Cat Asstrophe and features some pretty stunning locations and camera work. Cat takes the audience on a hike up a beautiful mountainside before setting on a gnarled tree housing a vibrant, purple, cloth hammock that matches her striking hair. After a short tease, Cat settles into the hammock and starts playing with her pussy. This is a solo scene, but folks, I’ve never seen a solo scene like this. It’s impressive the ways she’s able to suspend her body so she can finger herself into oblivion, and there is no doubt she brings herself to climax multiple times.

I like this project because it gives an opportunity to creators who otherwise might not have gotten one to tell their stories and show the porn audience at large what they’re capable of. The video quality is impressive, as is the creativity. The Sloppys and Cat left a lasting impression on me, and I think audiences will be similarly intrigued with their offerings.


Model Time is an Adult Time studio dedicated to showcasing independent adult content! Our award-winning team commissions original projects by some of the most creative and sexual people on earth, from porn stars to clip artists to first-time filmmakers. We offer these projects on Adult Time as a way for fans to sample the work of our creators, while also being able to purchase their content and services directly.

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