NakedSword Originals

Four passionate duos exploring sexual connection and chemistry between well-matched partners with varying body types and interests. Each scene is preceded by candid, thoughtful interviews conducted by director Marc MacNamara. All of the participants throw themselves into the action, despite several being very new to adult.

NakedSword Originals earned the 2021 XBIZ Award for “Gay Movie of the Year” for “A Murdered Heart,” and MacNamara earned “Gay Director of the Year” honors. The company has won “Best Gay Studio” four times.

Atlas Grant is bald, bearded and fit with a furry chest and body ink, while Dani West is handsomely scruffy with a hirsute “dad bod.” Both are charmingly open and candid during their pre-scene interview with MacNamara, who explains that he intends for his camera to be unobtrusive as the men explore their attraction. The sexplay is deeply passionate, almost ravenous, particularly during kissing and assplay. West’s yelps and moans echo around the room as he’s being fucked, which considerably amps the erotic heat.

Young Leo Vice, in his studio debut, is slim, smooth and cute and works as a drag queen, while Aaron Trainer is older, bald and a bodybuilder. It’s a terrific pairing of physical opposites. Vice is witty and quick in his interview, while Trainer displays a calm, confident and friendly demeanor. The Dom/sub interplay between them is excitingly intense; Trainer gruffly issues orders and vocally displays his appreciation. Vice is a compliant bottom and virtually melts under Trainer’s command. It’s sweaty, propulsive sex.

Dexx Morningstar and Lana Summers are a real-life couple; she is trans and both are slender, attractive and copiously inked. They are each low-key and thoughtful as they chat with MacNamara about gender fluidity and their relationship. In the bedroom, however, they display a palpable physical connection that you only get from performers who enjoy being together. Summers is quite intense and firmly takes command, while Morningstar keeps up easily and with vocal pleasure.

MacNamara reveals that an earlier conversation with Calhoun Sawyer about feeling outcast, as a child, due to the latter’s red hair, sparked the idea for the “EveryBODY” series. Calhoun is wholesomely handsome and trim with a beautiful thick cock; he’s also witty and charismatic with a plainspoken charm. Dylan Rizder is very slim with a rangy build and quite chatty. As in each of the earlier scenes, one participant is dominant and takes charge; here, that’s Sawyer, who consistently lets Rizder know how much he’s enjoying himself, underscoring their connection. The latter really goes to town on Sawyer’s cock and they make for a terrific physical match.


Welcoming every identity, every shape, every age, every human. Hot, passionate, bareback sex is for EveryBODY. And that message is just what multiple award-winning director Marc MacNamara delivers in this unprecedented NakedSword Originals feature that embraces inclusivity.

Experience the sexual appetites of eight, sensational, distinct performers sharing their bodies and unapologetically fulfilling their desires. Polar opposites Dani West and Atlas Grant rendezvous on the bed to stretch Dani's ass. Body builder Aaron Trainer has his way with cross-dresser Leo Vice's hole. Tatted bad boy Dexx Morningstar gets tongue-fucked and piped down by sexy trans goddess, Lana Summers. After some acrobatic foreplay, Dylan Rizder gets stretched to his limits by Calhoun Sawyer.

So, step off the ledge of what you consider "normal" and into the space where every pronoun, every physique, and EveryBODY is accepted and celebrated.

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