Please F*** My Wife, Vol. 2

New Sensations
Please F*** My Wife, Vol. 2

Three cougars (Sidra Sage, Maddy May, Olive Glass) and one MILF (London River) show that older is most definitely bolder in this excellent sequel to “F*** My Wife” (it translates as “Fuck My Wife” if you’re at all confused by the strange appearance — especially in porn — of asterisks in the movie title) from director Eddie Powell and New Sensations, as married women get filthy with strangers/friends enlisted by the formers’ hubbies to satisfy the needs of their marvelously slutty wives.

I adore relatively new cougar Sidra Sage, who has a magnetic punk look to her, one totally scrumptious ass, and a terrific on-camera attitude — here showing off her excellent talents with (yep, he’s back) veteran porn stud Michael Stefano, playing the guy enlisted to fuck his buddy’s wife. Sage definitely delivers one of the best blowjobs in the movie, going deep, loud, and wet (watch her eyes bulge and turn red as she happily gags on Mikey-meat). Her best positions are absolutely cowgirl (where she works it well) and doggie (where Stefano works it well), though it’s a kick seeing her get extremely plunged during missionary, especially with her intense expressions of ecstasy. I like, too, that Sage loves kissing — even with Stefano.

A more classical-looking cougar is Maddy May, who, during mid-kiss at her home, Chad White finds out is married. But hubby (with whom May talks on the phone) has no problem at all with this long-haired, big-boobed babe getting fucked a la White, with another fiery tryst rapidly unfolding. I like that May likes getting choked during slamming missionary, while her meaty ass shines during highly animated cowgirl, as well as doggie, with our girl looking back at White with dreamy eyes as she’s powerfully pounded. And check out how Chad White-washes her pretty face. Whoa! Great aim, buddy!

Olive Glass, reminding me of gorgeous 1960s starlet Barbara Parkins (“Valley of the Dolls”), is another short-haired cougar who’s sent over a “man-toy” care of her flight-delayed husband, with the long-haired Michael Vegas being the lucky stud who gets to bang the exceptionally pretty Ms. Glass. The best segments include Glass going balls-deep with Vegas-vine; Glass’ phenomenal tits undulating during revere-cowgirl and spoon; and her choice ass rocking during doggie and especially cowgirl. Definitely wanna see more of this spirited beauty!

Lastly, blonde and curvy MILF extraordinaire London River gets nasty at the on-screen home of Ramon Nomar — all taking place with River’s hubby’s blessing. River looks amazing in some black lingerie, with Nomar having his way with this stone fox as her (unseen) husband listens on the phone to the action. The most volcanic segments include River riding Ramon-rod during cowgirl (love the black garter belts, which make her juicy ass look even better); reverse-cowgirl (where her sweat-shiny tits rock and roll); doggie (with River screaming via multiple orgasms, while she’s occasionally choked), during which Nomar calls out to River’s husband, “She’s coming! You have a whore here!” London’s lusciousness is fully revealed during spoon, where we enjoy her lush tits and scrumptious thighs — and Nomar nut-sauce gets River’s already-wet tits even wetter after some intense missionary, during which she continues to come and come and come. Mama!

All four of these women are absolutely the best, with extra high points going to short-haired cougars Sidra and Glass, as well as marvy MILF London. Good stuff for both newbie and hardcore viewers. And I can’t wait to see Sage and Olive in their own separate gangbangs. Hope it happens soon!


What happens when you marry a beautiful woman with an insatiable appetite for sex? For these horny husbands it means providing an endless parade of new cock. Watch hotwives London River, Maddy May, Olive Glass, and Sidra Sage indulge in their adulterous desires to their spouses delight!

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