Vibes, Vol. 3

Vibes, Vol. 3

Vixen’s “Vibes” series serves as a showcase for the studio’s highest rated scenes featuring popular performers. Volume 3 features scenes produced and directed by Laurent Sky and Julia Grandi, complete with Vixen’s signature focus on exotic locations, vibrant visuals and artistic excellence.

Lexi Belle and Alberto Blanco (“Give In”):

Blonde bombshell Lexi Belle plays a restless traveler who aches for impulsive adventure. When she meets a handsome young architect in Ibiza who offers to show her around, she is completely enamored with him. Swept up in the romantic nature of the crisp summer air, the exotic location and the gorgeous ocean, Belle decides to take the plunge and seduce the young stud. Vixen always does a great job of capturing gorgeous European landscapes, and this scene is no different. Belle and Blanco look stunning against the backdrop of the warm Mediterranean Sea. Blanco stuffs Belle pretty good in all manner of positions, and she revels in his steady pounding. There’s some POV content worked into the scene in the form of a blowjob, which is a nice pace changer — and the reverse cowgirl is fittingly slutty.

Jessie Saint and Mick Blue (“Working the Angles”):

This scene is all about the fantasy of fucking your way into a lavish lifestyle. Saint is a classic trophy wife who wants for nothing because she knows how to capture the unyielding attention of rich men and be the perfect woman in bed their money can’t buy. Though she embraces her deception, she also admits she wants the sex just as badly as he does. This becomes immediately clear with the way she inhales his cock relentlessly, not only slobbering all over him hungrily, but also, wantonly letting him fuck her mouth. Mick Blue wrecks Saint’s pussy as hard as he wrecks her throat, and Saint begs for more the entire time.

Lika Star and Alberto Blanco (“Wish You Were Here”):

This is a story of absence making the heart grow fonder. Star is on a trip across the European countryside, experiencing exotic locations and interesting people. All the while, her boyfriend Blanco is never far from her thoughts. She sends him postcards from every location every day she is apart from him; every romantic backdrop she finds herself wrapped in only heightens her desire to see him again. When the lovers are finally reunited, they cannot contain themselves. There’s a very cool sequence where they stumble into an elevator fully clothed and kissing hungrily as the doors shut, but when the doors open again, they’ve shed their clothing — and Star has Blanco’s cock balls deep in her throat. I love the desperation behind Blanco’s thrusting and the way Star whimpers and begs him to fuck her and cum inside her. You can just feel the passion between them; they are lovers who’ve been holding themselves hostage for each other.

Avery Cristy, Jill Kassidy, and Michael Stefano (“Wild and Wet”):

Cover girls Avery Cristy and Jill Kassidy are living their best lives as guests at an exclusive hotel with unlimited amenities and money at their disposal. When they notice a hot guy sitting alone and preoccupied, the two horny hotties decide to seduce him using the oldest trick in the book: stripping down to their underwear and ambushing him. As Stefano is about to head down to the lobby in the elevator, Kassidy and Cristy burst forth and throw him against the wall, swallowing his cock. To his credit, he takes the bait and uses both of their mouths liberally before taking an intense liberty with Kassidy’s pussy. The energy level in this scene starts high and continues to climb as Stefano pounds away on her mercilessly. She meets his thrusts with her own vigorous gyrations, making for an intense encounter that is enhanced by Cristy’s hungry tongue lashing Kassidy’s clit at every opportunity.

Great sex, gorgeous locations, and fitting music make this a worthy collection. Vixen always produces a high-level product, and audiences will have a great time with this one.

Synopsis: is proud to present the third edition of VIBES! Continuing the series' trend of excellence, this collection encapsulates the hottest performances by the top erotic talents in the world. Cover model and Vixen Angel, Teanna Trump, is an influencer on a meteoric rise. After her first high-end photoshoot, she decides to indulge with the photographer. Also starring Lexi Belle, Jessie Saint, and Lika Star in must-see vivacious performances of their own. All wrapped in world-class production values, captivating storylines, and passionate sexual performances that define, VIBES Vol. 3 is a collection not to be missed!

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