Model Time Vol. 7

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Model Time Vol. 7

Bree Mills conceptualized Model Time as an avenue for independent content creators to showcase their filmmaking, performing and creator skills for a large audience. “Volume 7” of the series focuses on content created during the pandemic.

Alison Rey and Robert Ryder (“The ‘Real’ Girlfriend Experience”):

The repercussions of the pandemic have been felt across the entire world for over a year now. So many things have changed and porn consumption/production is one of them. The folks over at Model Time approached Alison with an idea to collaborate on a special project of her own design and she was very excited to bring her idea to life. She offers the audience an intimate look into what it takes for her to create the specialized content fans crave. We get a look at the prep work that goes into a custom shoot as well as the responsibilities of the performer’s partner. We still get the delicious sex (Alison has such a cute booty) which includes Ryder taking Alison to pound town in the balasana position. Boy howdy does he rail her good!

Avery Black and Oliver Davis (“Roommates Turned Lovers”):

Again, the pandemic plays a role in the construction of the content presented. Roommates Avery and Oliver have been in quarantine together so long they’ve lost all sense of time. The air crackles with pent-up sexual energy and nothing the two friends do seems able to quell it. After watching “everything there is to watch on the internet” and playing cards for the umpteenth time, Avery finally makes a move and the physical restraint melts away. Avery is big into the sex. You can hear it in the way she exhales as Oliver pumps her. Every thrust elicits a sigh of pleasurable relief that’s clearly been building for a long time. Oliver ends up folding Avery in half and dicking her crazy deep to close the action in a position that is going to instantly finish many viewers.

Syren De Mer and Rick Stronghold (“Intimacy and Trust”):

Syren invites the audience into her personal studio in much the same way Alison did in the first scene. She gives viewers a personal tour of her set before wiping the screen to the start the scene. Watching Syren and Rick interact is pretty heartwarming due to their level of comfort with each other. We see them shower and shave each other before Rick descends upon Syren’s pussy with his mouth. You can tell how much he loves eating her out and he spends a lot of time doing so. She eventually moves on to using her hitachi wand to bring herself to clenching orgasms before choking on Rick’s cock. Holy great deep throat Batman! He finally gets inside her and she finishes him expertly.

Casca Akashova (“Pervy Panty Mom”):

Casca plays the naughty step-mom of a college woman in this fantasy. As she’s cleaning her step-daughter’s room, she comes across multiple pairs of dirty underwear and she can’t stop sniffing them in a gender swap of the creepy panty sniffer trope with the ever popular faux-cest kink thrown in for and added layer of naughtiness. Unable to resist the dirty thoughts running through her head, Casca settles onto her step-daughter’s bed to rub one out while playing with her panties. Wowee does Casca look great rubbing her pussy and asshole while her massive tits hang down in front of her face. That position alone makes the entire scene.

It’s always nice to see porn imitate life, and this projects focus on content produced during the pandemic is very cool. Audiences get a genuine look at what their favorite stars have been going through to continue producing for them while also having some of their most depraved fantasies served. This is a fun, unique and arousing watch.


Model Time is an Adult Time studio dedicated to showcasing independent adult content! Our award-winning team commissions original projects by some of the most creative and sexual people on earth, from porn stars to clip artists to first-time filmmakers. We offer these projects on Adult Time as a way for fans to sample the work of our creators, while also being able to purchase their content and services directly.

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