Young Fantasies Vol. 6

Young Fantasies Vol. 6

I’ll watch any movie with Liya Silver in it. Period. She’s that amazing. From head to toe. Superlative face, tits, ass and (sexual) demeanor. And has this ultra-hottie on the cover of “Young Fantasies 6” for damn good reason. But ... the other ladies are also absolutely worth writing home about. Kenna James, Khloe Kapri, Ellie Eilish, Mia Split … combine all of that magnificent talent with some lush outdoor backdrops, seemingly tourist resorts and the skilled direction of both Julia Grandi (who helms scenes 1 and 4, containing the most resplendent landscape footage) and Laurent Sky (episodes 2 and 3), and you’ve got yourself an unbeatable (but very beat-worthy) winner!

While on vacation, delicious Liya Silver plays around with two studs (each guy a stranger to the other and unknowing of Liya’s love of double-dipping), until she arranges a threesome with all of ‘em; our girl being the tasty meat of this spicy sandwich. And if Liya’s gorgeous face doesn’t get you, then her perfect tits and ass certainly will. Phenomenal. At private poolside, the two lads — Christian Clay and Alberto Blanco — have at her, with an outstanding two-dick suck a la Liya. Reverse-cowgirl lets you fully enjoy that off-the-scale Silver bod (watch her flawless tits flow). Check out how seamlessly she rolls over from doing Clay reverse-cowgirl to (boom!) doing Alberto cowgirl. Doggie, of course, with this exceptional beauty is brilliant, as she simultaneously sucks dick. And when Liya does Alberto reverse-cowgirl, Clay makes sure the sweating babe deepthroats him good. Liya? I wanna marry you, baby. Now!

Next, it’s bawdy blonde-on-blonde fun. That is, blonde Khloe Kapri plays a shy fox, while her blonde roommate Kenna James portrays an outgoing escort; Kenna setting up a threesome for gal-pal Khloe, involving one lucky male customer in his plush home, making for one nuclear ménage a trois. Kenna and Khloe eat each other first while the guy watches and wanks, eventually joining in on the awesome action. Check out Khloe’s crazed BJ; Kenna operating Kapri’s madly bobbing head as if it were a ventriloquist’s dummy. One of my favorite positions is when Khloe sucks Kenna’s anus when the latter is doggied, as well as gags on dick; and when the tables are turned and Kapri gets doggied, it’s even hornier, as Kenna pushes Kapri’s face down against the bed mattress as the guy slams salami home; James eventually getting underneath the action to eat Kapri (whew!), followed by Kapri begging for a creampie, which the guy happily delivers, Kenna eating out the custard from below. Fantastic!

Ellie Eilish is a fresh brown-haired babe obsessed with older dude Mick Blue; our girl really showing how incredibly passionate she is with sincere expressions of (for a while) silent lust, especially as she gets finger-fucked; and it’s a major turn-on seeing her try to suck down that huge Mick prick, numerous times; but this delightful pixie especially excels during reverse-cowgirl (what a scrumptious spinner’s body) and missionary (during which she seems positively orgasmic); however, standing doggie is fairly friggin’ volcanic, during which Ellie begs for Blue’s boy-batter, which ultimately soaks her beaming face. Great gal!

And we end with a wonderfully picturesque scene (the massive, gorgeous ocean in the background), with the very athletic, aptly named Mia Split (watch how she magically spreads her legs when getting eaten and while doing standing-spoon) getting down and dirty at an outdoor poolside with one very lucky stiff; my favorite position, actually, being when Mia splits her legs and juts out her perfect ass while sucking the guy. Mia also works that fine booty during cowgirl and ‘splits’ like mad during way-intense missionary; though doggie with such a succulent, sopping twat on Mia is killer.

Nope, there isn’t a bad scene in “Young Fantasies 6,” with all of the young ladies looking superb and performing swimmingly; though, again, I can’t resist (neither will you!) the hypnotically lovely, magnetically lusty Liya Silver; while the threesome with Kenna James and Khloe Kapri ain’t too shabby, neither!

Synopsis: is proud to present the next installment of it's trend setting series - Young Fantasies Vol. 6! The popular series is back, celebrating youth and beauty in a collection like no other. International cover girl, Liya Silver, is a promiscuous young woman on vacation who can't decide between two guys to why not both? Also starring Mia Split, Ellie Eilish, Kenna James and Khloe Kapri in performances that redefine passion. All wrapped in the high-end production value, breathtaking settings, and captivatng story-lines is known for, Young Fantasies Vol. 6 is NOT to be missed!

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