Bush Friends Forever 2

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Bush Friends Forever 2

“Bush Friends Forever 2” presents a collection of scenes from NSFW Films that features some of the industry’s most popular talent engaging in scintillating action.

Gianna Dior and Bunny Colby:

This is a great pairing because both of these ladies are spectacularly pretty and boast incredibly sexy forms. I love the roving camera and the deliberate zooms as it brought the entire room to life. I love watching a woman sit on another woman’s face and there’s plenty of that here as Bunny smothers Gianna’s tongue with her snatch. It’s also quite intimate to watch Gianna and Bunny trade off rubbing each other out. The way Bunny cradles Gianna as she fondles her clit makes the skin tingle. A good start.

Lacy Lennon and Serene Siren:

What a throwback! This scene opens in stunning black and white with Lacy and Serene dolled up like glamour girls from the 50s. The mood is straight out of the “Casablanca” era with dramatic music enhancing the plight of these two undercover lovers who have just been found out. Condemned to death for sexual lewdness, Lacy suggests they spend their last night in each other’s arms. This narrative creates an intrigue that draws the audience in and the sex is better because of it. Lacy and Serene look fabulous in their pearl necklaces and black lingerie, and their enthusiasm for each other is infectious. I particularly enjoyed the necklace play in the pussy; that amped the kink factor up significantly and really catered to the fantasy of watching a pin-up girl fuck.

Scarlett Mae and Milana XXX May:

This scene starts off with a strong reality vibe. Milana speaks directly to the audience and tells them exactly how excited she is to shoot with Cherry of the Month Scarlett Mae. Scarlett seems genuinely flattered at the way Milana gushes over her and the two ladies exhibit a level of comfort with each other that sets a playful yet passionate tone for the scene. Milana seems so intrigued with Scarlett’s body and every suckle of her mouth against the delicious redhead’s body feels like a sexual exploration. I really liked the fact that Scarlett submitted to Milana’s probing to start. It’s like she was content to let Milana discover her body at her own pace, reveling in the young woman’s wonder. The intensity grows as the scene progresses, with Milana becoming more and more aggressive while Scarlett gets more and more overwhelmed with pleasure. At one point Milana rubs Scarlett to a toe-clinching orgasm that just about sends Scarlett to the moon. And I absolutely loved watching Scarlett return the favor by letting Milana grind her pussy to a dripping, pelvis quivering orgasm on her flicking tongue. Holy smokes.

Whitney Wright and Anny Aurora:

Filmed for Whitney Wright’s Cherry of the Month scene, she chooses the sultry Anny Aurora as her partner, because although they shared the same prominent agent, they hadn’t actually fucked each other yet and Whitney wanted to remedy that oversight. And boy does Whitney remedy the oversight! She is all over Anny’s pretty pussy, slurping and sucking her until the poor woman can hardly stand. At one point she settles Anny into her lap and fingers her to such a strong orgasm Anny is left breathless and nearly spent in Whitney’s arms. It’s intimate, hot and sexy.

This is a simple collection of some pretty steamy lesbian scenes that is designed to get the viewer off as quickly as possible. Bunny Colby, Lacy Lennon and Whitney Wright are hits as usual, but I found myself really taken by Scarlett Mae. That young lady should be on more box covers and in more scenes. She’s quite delectable!


“Bush Friends Forever 2” presents a collection of scenes from NSFW Films that features some of the industry’s most popular talent engaging in scintillating action.

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