When a widow discovers a shocking secret about her former husband, she’s appalled, enraged and confused. Desperate to know the truth and understand what could compel the man she married to partake in such depravity, she embarks on a quest to learn the truth about every aspect of her former husband’s sordid hobby. But the world her husband frequented outside their marriage is unlike anything she’s ever seen, and immersing herself within its walls could change her forever.

Mick Blue and Sofi Ryan (“Start Talking”):

The tale opens with September Reign arriving with her former husband’s business associate Small Hands. Although she’s inherited her husband’s money, physical assets and property, she doesn’t have what she really wants: answers. She demands Hands explain to her exactly what her husband Mick Blue used to do, and Hands is obligated to oblige. He explains how Blue would find random women on the street and offer them an obscene amount of money to model clothing for him while he photographed them in various provocative scenarios. The photography sessions always ended in sex, as the audience gets to see between the voluptuous Sofi Ryan and Mick Blue.

This is a wonderful opening sequence as it does three things. First, it introduces the audience to September’s mindset on her journey to reconcile with her husband’s betrayal. She’s confused and angry, but also a bit intrigued. Second, it establishes the predicament of Small Hands, who is uncomfortable assisting September in this manner. Lastly, it tells a dual story to the audience; we see Mick’s actions when September cannot, and we see September creating her own twisted version of Mick’s betrayal as she begins her descent into his decadent world.

That’s a lot of storytelling going on but goddamn does Kayden pull it off! Whoever edited the sequence with September seducing Hands as an echo of Mick seducing Sofia knocked it out of the park. The music choice was perfect as was the poetic storytelling, and it set a mesmerizing, sultry tone for the ensuing sex between Mick and Sofia. There’s an absolute carnal hunger displayed between these two that makes no mistake about its purpose; they care only for the fucking. Sofi looks radiant with her spectacular, natural tits flopping all over the place and the desperate pounding doggie at the end of the scene is awesome.

Small Hands and September Reign (“Show Me”):

There’s very little preamble in the second leg of the story. After a thorough explanation of her husband’s infidelity from Hands, September lashes out in anger, lamenting the fact that Hands never told her the truth. When Hands cites the client confidentiality clause in his contract, September retorts bitingly that she’s his client. Her verbal assault spurs Hands to action and before either of them knows what’s happening, he’s smashing September’s throat onto his cock mercilessly. There’s a lot of aggression and raw emotion here. The sex is almost an exorcism of September’s anguish over Mick’s infidelity. This is more than mere sex; this is emotional expression at its best. The audience can be fully aroused by the gorgeous September getting railed by Small Hands while simultaneously feeling a kinship between themselves and this woman who just wants to have the pain go away. This is powerful sexual storytelling and the creampie finish is the ultimate culmination of that storytelling.

Mick Blue, Gabbie Carter and Nia Nacci (“Part 3”):

The tale takes an unexpected twist in the third part. While we get another dual story with flashbacks to Mick set against September’s current actions, we also get some insight into the true nature of Mick’s hobby from the perspective of his cohorts. Mick’s artistic nature is highlighted through Gabbie’s narration and it allows the audience to experience the awe-inspiring power of his existence.

Yes, he was a cheat, but he was also an artist who could create in a way few others could. Those who understood his vision found themselves elevated mentally and spiritually, which made the physical interaction that much more fulfilling. This is a poignant moment, because it becomes clear that Mick never shared his brilliance with his wife. Holy layered storytelling Batman! The sex here is pretty damn awesome. Gabby has incredible tits and they are absolutely showcased from the start. Nia is one of the prettiest performers I’ve ever seen and she looks equally stunning here. The spoon was particularly arousing as was watching Gabbie tongue Nia’s ass while Mick pounded her hungrily.

Manuel Ferrara, September Reign and Sofi Ryan (“Mimicry”):

September’s journey culminates with her finally tracking down the last woman Mick was with. Instead of attacking her, September acknowledges her as what she was, a part of Mick’s art. This is a strong conclusion to September’s story arc and it makes her decision to fuck her current subject alongside Mick’s final subject all the more impactful. The end result is sex that feels like a natural extension of September’s quest. Again, Sofi Ryan and her natural udders look spectacular, while September injects an overwhelming amount of emotion into her performance. The result is a blistering scene with plenty of sexy swapping.

This is an extremely good movie. Kayden Kross has become one of the best directors in the business and her ability to tell a story and capture it perfectly onscreen truly distinguishes her. September Reign delivers one of the best acting performances of her career in my view and Small Hands is his usual outstanding self, both as an actor and a sexual performer. I recommend this to absolutely everyone who wants to see a strong story with their smut.


After his death, a wife is given the keys to a recent apartment her husband had kept in an unexpected part of town along with a vague presentation of what it had been used for. As she reflects on this part of the man she thought she knew, she finds connection in continuing in the custom of what he'd started.

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